THQ Success Story

Jess lost over 7 inches from her waist…& 24lbs off the scales!

Jess was stuck in a bit of a rut. A busy shift work and hectic family lifestyle meant that her body shape suffered.

This really left Jess in a downbeat mood, and she felt like she would never have that body shape she could be proud of.

This led to reaching out for more sugary snacks, poor food choices and not even attempting to hit the gym.

Then finally, at pretty much rock bottom, Jess had had enough. She decided it was time for a change and she needed to stop moping around.

She had actually seen some of the results THQ had put out, but never really acted on it.

Seeing that we trained using weights, and the fact that she never had lifted weights before kind of made Jess hesitant.

But she wanted change now, so she fearlessly popped in a request to find out more.

After meeting the head coach who explained how it all worked, and how we would get her results – she felt reassured that it would be possible.

She was given a roadmap of how we would get her there with a time frame as well.

Jess jumped in with two feet, now excited to get in the gym and follow THQ’s nutritional strategies.

A little surprise that she discovered upon starting was how friendly everyone was.

Everyone had their own issues, injuries, problems – but they were all working together to improve themselves.

Jess thought that she would throw in the towel after a few weeks, but this supportive environment, plus the encouragement and accountability of the trainers was making her want to come to the gym more!

Jess started on the 6 Week Meltdown, working on all the basics of food, nutrition and recovery. On average, people lose up to a stone on the 6 weeks if it is followed correctly.

After the 6 weeks, Jess was loving the feeling of being slimmer, fitter & stronger – Jess decided that she would go for the 12 week shoot which is included in monthly rolling membership.

12 weeks to really knuckle down, train hard and we started to track calories with the help of the trainers.

The results were incredible…..

24lb loss56 cm all over – 18 cm off the waist

Her transformation has taught her that she was able to push herself further than she thought she could. She was always one to drop out on a diet or training plan very early, but the plan laid out by THQ made it easy to follow.

In fact, her husband was in hospital during the 12 weeks and she even had a cancer scare (all fine). This would be enough to throw off the most determined of people, yet Jess was able to continue. Finding that the structure from THQ kept her focused and helped her get through it all.

Jess now has a much better understanding of how food and training can adapt her body shape. Her relationship with food has improved vastly, and she now has the knowledge & skills to maintain this better-looking body shape, and even improve further if she wishes to do so.

This means that Jess is so much more confident and positive. Her frame of mind has completely changed for the better, proving that THQ can not only transform your body shape but your mindset too!

Has Jess inspired you to make a change? Enquire below and we will be laying out your road map very soon….

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