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The diagnosis of early menopause kickstarted Josephine into taking action

josephine edwards

Josephine rebuilt her health & fitness by beginning to resistant train.

Having been feeling unwell for quite some time, she was finally diagnosed with early menopause.

Being unwell was really starting to do some damage to Josephine’s confidence, and self-esteem was at an all-time low.

She knew that she had to do something about it. To do something that will help improve not only her body, but her mindset as well.

Josephine saw the results we were putting out at THQ and tentatively put in a request to ask for more information.

She needn’t had worried as from the start, she was taken care off.

The trainers went into detail to explain how we get results, and spent time to find out more about Josephine.

We were certain we could help. We have & have had many members going through the menopause process, we know that resistant training plus following our meal planner help ease symptoms.

Josephine liked the sound of the plan and got to work.

We started on all the basics first, how to resistant train effectively, how to eat correctly & how to recover for progress.

Soon she was feeling the results.

More energy, better recovery, strength & fitness improving and she was starting to see visible changes in her body shape.

Whilst at the same time, reduced menopausal symptoms.

This plus dropping inches & pounds, becoming stronger & fitter, did wonders for Josephine’s mental health.

Feeling alive and energetic again gave her that mental uplift that was needed.

This positive reframe of attitude was very effective and simple to keep. The more she stuck to her nutrition plan and calories, and consistently turned up for her weekly training sessions – the better she felt.

With resistant training and eating well, she has managed to build muscle, lose body fat and reduce inflammation.

Which all help ease menopausal symptoms.

Her body reacted so well to the training and nutrition plan, that not only did she feel alive again, she dropped 2 stone & 11 inches.

Giving Josephine the body she had when she was younger.

She now has the knowledge and skills to stay in this shape. Which keeps her in a positive mental mindset.

Resistant training is more than just losing the pounds and inches.

It is about improving your physical and mental health as well.

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