THQ Success Story

Karen drops the “Killer cardio” sessions for weight training and drops 20lbs

Prior to starting at THQ, Karen was a fit and active person.

All seemed to be going well with her health, fitness and body shape.

Until January 2020, Karen had a serious skiing accident.

Breaking her ankle and leg into many pieces.

This was a nightmare scenario for Karen as she was not able to move an inch, just told to focus on rest and recovery.

From being so active, this R&R was not so good for Karen’s body shape.

The body was repairing but the pounds and inches were starting to increase at the same time.

She knew she couldn’t go on like this and decided to make a change, and got in touch with THQ.

After the bones had pretty much healed, Karen started at THQ to build back up fitness and strength. She knew that it would take a bit of guidance and support from a personal trainer.

Karen started on our introductional program that all members begin on.

We taught Karen how to weight train effectively for results, each session lasted just 45 minutes and she loved that she only had to do 3 sessions a week.

At the same time, we also gave Karen the THQ meal planner that builds better structure and discipline into her diet. It was flexible and could be moulded around Karen’s lifestyle, likes and dislikes.

The reaction to the weight training style sessions did wonders for Karen, and she was much fitter and stronger within weeks.

A little bonus was that she was also feeling & looking better.

More energy and focus, plus the pounds and inches were starting to drop away at the same time.

This was a surprise, as Karen prior to starting at THQ, was all about the “killer cardio” sessions.

Believing this was the fastest way to burn off body fat and stay fit.

Nothing had ever worked as effectively or as fast as weight training.

Karen really liked this new style of training and following THQ’s easy & simple nutritional strategies.

She enrolled onto one of our 12 week shoots which are included in membership.

This is a more advance version of the 6 week meltdown. All training and nutrition is the same, the only difference is that a photo will be taken at the end of the 12 weeks, which does wonders for accountability and adherence!

The main aim was to see what was possible in that 12 weeks, how much could she change her body shape.

The results were brilliant.

Karen dropped 20lbs!

And loads of inches….4 off the waist, 2 off the hips, 3 from the chest and 2 off each thigh.

Revealing a fantastic younger looking body shape.

I was clearly wearing a fat suit that I wasn’t aware of. I am now down to the weight I was in my 20’s and 30’s”

Karen came to THQ to repair and get stronger from an injury.

Not only did she achieve that, she discovered a new and effective way to get & stay in shape.

We also asked Karen what she would say to anyone wanting to get in shape and is looking at starting with THQ….

“If you’re serious to make a change, do it. And then follow it.”

Has Karen inspired you to get in shape for this summer?

Jump on the 6 week meltdown just like Karen did, and finally see body shape changes you deserve so much ….

Ready to plan your 2021 transformation?

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