Laura Lost One & Half Stone To Reveal This Lean Body Shape

You don’t have to be a cardio queen to achieve a body shape like Laura’s.

Laura is generally an active person but had let it slip a little.

The weight slowly creeped on and she wasn’t liking how she was looking & feeling.

The thought of having to do hours of boring cardio deterred Laura from getting active again.

But then she saw THQ’s results and how we weight trained people for a better body shape

“Exercise has always been a part of my lifestyle until a few years ago when it seemed to grind to a complete halt and having gained weight and lost confidence I decided it was time to do something about it.”

“Cardio has never been my strong point and I wanted to try a complete new way of training which was why I thought THQ would be the perfect place to start my new fitness journey.”

It took a photo to make Laura realise how far she had slipped.

This was the drive needed to really knuckle down.

“Taking my picture at the start of my THQ journey was what drove me to take part in 12 week shoot.”

 “It wasn’t until then that I realised quite how unhappy I was with my weight and body shape and having seen previous transformations I knew it was going to be worth a shot.”

Laura was committed and dedicated to her goal.

She simply followed the nutritional advice THQ recommended and consistently turned up for her weekly training sessions.

“I’m really pleased with my transformation so far and have achieved more than I envisaged I ever would.”

“I always said that it would be great if I could lose a stone which I never managed to achieve, but since joining THQ I have managed to lose 1 and half stone and I’ve toned up too.”

We asked Laura if she would recommend THQ to anyone and why?

“I’ve enjoyed every part of my THQ journey and it’s down to the hard work of each and every one of the amazing trainers who have made it such a worthwhile journey for me.”

“THQ has an atmosphere like no other gym, it’s great fun and you train hard and that is what gets you the results you want to achieve.”

“To anyone who is thinking about joining THQ my advice would be to go for it, you won’t look back. It has been a complete life changer for myself and so many other members.”

“Never did I think I would see myself weight training, especially being female, but it’s the best decision I’ve made and the only place that has enabled me to achieve my goals.”

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