THQ Success Story

Laura had a mission to blast off the lockdown pounds & inches

Like a lot of people, the 1st lockdown was not great for the figure.

Less movement.

More food.

And the gyms were closed.

Laura was doing perfectly fine until our lives got turned upside down in March 2020.

She was attending the gym at THQ and eating fairly well.

Things were going fine and she felt in control.

Then, we were told not to leave home for 3 weeks, her control all went out the window.

It was easy just to have that extra treat, another glass of wine, not do the home workouts.

And soon Laura had lost all her good habits and the body shape started to change for the worse.

It didn’t take long for the inches and pounds to start creeping back on. She looked in the mirror one day and said enough is enough.

When the gyms reopen in the summer, she would be back to it.

Laura set herself a mission.

She knew what she had to do…jump on the next available 12 week shoot.

Laura being a member pre–covid, had completed a shoot before and knew it worked.

She was also inspired by the many others who have done the shoot before, and also the other members getting “back on it” after the gyms reopened last summer.

Together they got to work.

THQ laid out the 12 week blueprint and told them all what was expected.

It was great seeing all the members pull together, supporting and encouraging one another to the finish line.

Laura and the others on the shoot, were expected to train 3 times a week for 45 minutes.

They were also given calorie targets to hit each day, enough to keep them satiated and full, but kept them in a calorie deficit.

The key to burning off body fat will always be achieving a calorie deficit.

Laura noticed all the good nutritional habits coming back into place, and the people on the shoot for the 1st time were also picking up the same good habits.

Laura slipped back into training quickly with the assistance of the THQ trainers who reminded her how to train effectively, just like she was doing pre lockdown.

The plan was simple, we were going to slowly decrease calories and gradually increase training frequency from 3 sessions a week to 5.

Alongside this, she was given weekly modules and tasks to complete to ensure she was always on the correct path. With weekly live Q&A sessions, Laura and the gang had all the support they needed to achieve their body shape goals.

As you can see below, Laura succeeded in her mission to blast off the lockdown pounds and inches.

She got her body shape back, became fitter & stronger and feels amazing once more.

Laura had the mindset change that was enough for her to take action.

Has Laura inspired you to take action and make a change?

At THQ we have the plan for you.

Our introductional program is called the 6 Week Meltdown.

A simpler version of the 12 weeks shoot, on the 6 Week Meltdown, members on average shift a stone off the scales!

This is training with us just 3 times a week for 45 minutes, and following our THQ meal planner & fat loss recipe books.

Then if you want to ramp it up like Laura did, you can then jump onto our 12 week shoot which is included in monthly membership.

Get your mission going today and let’s blast of those lockdown pounds & inches.

Ready to plan your 2021 transformation?

Enquire for more information on our next intake….6 week meltdown for £99 by clicking here 👉 Find Out More

Not near one of our THQ locations? We have you sorted – Start our 8 week online challenge for just £59, find our more by clicking here 👉 8 Week Online Challenge

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