THQ Success Story

Lucy drops 25lbs to boost confidence levels

To be happy and confident in your own body really can be life changing.

Lucy came to THQ to not only get in shape…but to gain that confidence back that she had long lost.

Lucy had never been a massive gym goer, and would admit that she was at first hesitant about starting at THQ.

Would it be for her? Is it full of people knowing what they should be doing? Will I look silly?

There was no need for the worry, as she was immediately treated differently than she would be at other gyms.

Straight away, time was spent explaining to Lucy how it all works and how we would get her into shape.

Lucy soon felt comfortable and started applying the simple, but effective advice we were giving her with her nutrition and training.

Just a few short weeks she was loving the buzz of completing a session and could not wait to come back in.

The small group training sessions were perfect for lucy, as she was given plenty of time and attention to make sure she was training correctly.

Whilst in the small groups, Lucy found friendships and bonding with similar people in the same situation as her.

People who didn’t really know what they were doing at first, but with THQ, they all learned and changed together.

Lucy started on the 6 week meltdown and a bit of an overhaul was made to her diet. Whilst at the same time, adding in 3 transformation sessions a week, and soon she was feeling so much better.

More energy, more confidence, fitter, stronger and the pounds and inches started melting away.

Loving this reward for the time in the gym, time that she thoroughly enjoyed. She continued training and eating well as it seemed natural and an easy thing to now do.

Lucy has done a shoot before and decided another shoot challenge was needed to up her game. She knew should could improve even further the 2nd time around.

On the shoot, we simply made Lucy more accountable through tracking calories.

Training sessions were exactly the same but we slowly increase frequency from 3 sessions a week – up to 5.

Lucy was given weekly modules to work on throughout her shoot. Making sure that she was doing everything else correctly, things like sleep, stress, recovery, hydration, supplements.

Making the whole shoot process so easy to understand and follow.

She just had to stick to the plan & trust the process.

And it sure worked.

From when she started at THQ to the photo shoot you see above – lucy dropped 25lbs!

Impressive on a particularly small frame.

Toning those all-important areas to give Lucy the body she always dreamt of.

We asked Lucy what would she say to anyone who is thinking about joining THQ…..

“Just do it! I hesitated but it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Has your confidence dipped a bit with your body shape? Don’t want to cover yourself up this summer?

Jump on the next 6 week meltdown where on average, members shift a stone!

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