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Lucy melts away 18lbs to go from “skinny fat” to fit, toned & strong

Lucy Toseland

Lucy came to Transformation HQ for help with her body shape.

To most, she wasn’t “out of shape” but Lucy wasn’t too happy and wanted to make a change.

Lucy had the very common skinny fat physique.

A body that doesn’t have shape due to little muscle but slowly gaining body fat in the wrong areas.

And she knew that it was her diet and lack of training that was causing this…

“I was overeating on high-carb processed foods. Having lots of sweet treats to satisfy my cravings after meals. I was ‘skinny fat’. Not overweight but not giving my body the nutrition it needed.”

Lucy was aware that some form of exercise was needed if she was going to see any visual changes but there was an issue… 

“I was also very lazy. I hate running or cardio in general and I thought that was the only way to lose weight.”

This poor diet and lack of exercise meant Lucy’s body was kind of stuck in a rut.

She did a bit of research and discovered that weight training could be the answer she was looking for.

Lucy found there was other women weight training and looking more toned & defined, plus they were saying that they were getting stronger & fitter at the same time!

Liking the sound of this, she checked out her local gyms and found THQ & the 6-Week Meltdown Program.

Hearing that we weight trained and that she would get 3 training sessions a week whilst we sorted out her nutrition sounded right up her street.

But she still had a bit of a problem….

“Going to the gym. I was so scared because I had never lifted weights before. I was embarrassed and thought everyone would be looking at me.”

Nevertheless, she knew that she would have to go for it and got started, after just one session Lucy’s fears of the gym and lifting weights had vanished…

“The environment is so friendly and welcoming. Also, nobody is looking at what anyone else is doing. Everyone is focused on bettering themselves.”

At THQ, we have like-minded local people who just want to get in great shape and are all on the journey together.

The small group training sessions which are no bigger than 6 people at one time provide an environment that’s supportive and allows members to help one another.

Lucy loved this feeling and enjoyed her 6-week meltdown.

After her 6 weeks were up, she didn’t want to stop and enrolled on monthly rolling membership.

Within this, once members feel ready, there is an option to complete a 12-week shoot.

On the shoot, Lucy would still weight train but we would increase training frequency from 3 times a week to 4, then 5 times a week before her shoot.

We would also now move on from the THQ meal planner and teach Lucy how to track calories and macronutrients so that it took no more than 5 mins each day to complete.

Her trainer checked in with her each week to ensure that she was progressing and she attended weekly Q&A sessions with a head coach.

Lucy’s tasks were simply to follow the plan laid out for her and believe in the process; her results were fantastic.

She dropped 18 pounds and many inches! The best thing about Lucy’s transformation is that she even went away whilst doing her shoot…

“I went to New York halfway through the shoot and didn’t deprive myself of what I wanted to eat. I still remained focused when I returned and didn’t let myself feel guilt or the feeling to give up. All the coaches supported this and gave me the push to keep going once I got back.”

Proving that you don’t have to be perfect all of the time.

You just need a bit more consistency with weight training each week, a bit of knowledge of nutrition to match up to your goals and a plan to follow.

And this is what Lucy discovered…

“I’m much more conscious of the types of food I put into my body. I could never go back to eating the amount of unhealthy food I was. I love weight lifting now and want to continue getting stronger and building muscle.”

We know Lucy’s story from skinny fat to defined & toned will inspire others so we asked Lucy what would she say to anyone who is thinking about starting at THQ…

“Do it! You won’t regret it. You learn so much about nutrition and how to keep yourself moving. The gym environment is friendly and welcoming.”

Are you fired up to finally get that toned, athletic and strong body shape? Pop in a request for more information below and soon you could be as healthy & happy as Lucy.

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