THQ Success Story

Lyndsey proves that if you just have a bit of commitment & consistency – you will see results.

Transformation HQ can take your body shape to the next level, no matter what current shape you are in.

Lyndsey came to THQ in fairly good shape, a normal body type most would say. But she wanted to take it up a level.

To get in the best shape possible.

Because, why not?

  • Why not feel good about yourself
  • Why not be proud of your body shape
  • Why not feel young, energetic and alive again

But to achieve her best shape possible, Lyndsey knew that she would need a bit of help, guidance and support.

She saw the type of results we were producing at THQ, and knew that we were the personal trainers she would need to guide her through her transformation.

She had never really weight trained before, so wasn’t totally sure how her body would react.

Would it look bigger and bulkier? Would the scales go up?

But from looking at everyone’s before and after photo, she knew that can’t be the case as they look slimmer, lighter and more defined.

With that in mind, she went “all in” and simply followed the plan.

And this was the main reason Lyndsey saw a huge transformation.

Most people follow the plan for a few weeks,

then off the plan for a few days,

then go half in half out for a week or two,

to back on plan fully for a week or so,

then repeat this pattern again.

This frustrating pattern can last for years and years with very little results.

But, if you just stick to a plan and go all in for a short while, just like Lyndsey did on the 12-week shoot, you too will see substantial body shape changes.

Consistency and commitment are all you’ll ever need to get in top shape.

People put so much energy worrying about the best supplements, ab exercise, perfect time of the day to train…

When they aren’t even doing the basics of nutrition and training 7 DAYS OF THE WEEK.

Yet, if you stick to the plan and you will gain confidence & momentum through preparation & practise.

You don’t need tricks, shortcuts and hacks.

You need more firm consistency in your habits, routines and lifestyle.

This is the exact approach Lyndsey took, no excuses, just stuck to the plan.

She went through the 6 week meltdown to begin.

This gave us the time to work with Lyndsey in the gym perfecting form and technique, which meant we maximised the effectiveness of the 45 minute session.

Also, on the 6 week meltdown, we taught her how to eat the optimal amount of protein, fats and carbs with the THQ meal planner.

Meaning she never felt hungry, had flexibility in her diet for treats AND still watched the inches and pounds melt away.

Once this foundation was in place, the stars were the limit for Lyndsey and she pushed herself even further by committing to a 12 week shoot.

The shoot isn’t about vanity, it’s about accountability and sticking to the plan.

As we are taking your photo at the end of the 12 weeks, you can’t use your usual excuses of not sticking to a training and nutrition plan, because your after photo will look the same as the before.

But if you do follow the plan….

You can have a lean, toned and defined body shape just like Lyndsey.

Has Lyndsey inspired you to get in shape?

Enquire for more information about our 6 Week Meltdown below, just like Lyndsey did, she hasn’t regretted making that bold move since…..

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