THQ Success Story

Shelly got out “the rut” by dropping 2 stone

Shelly decided that it was time to put herself first. She had put her family first for so long, that her own body shape and health was suffering.

She knew that if she was to be a good role model for her young daughter, she would need to get her act together.

Shelly was like the rest of the country during lockdown, using the strange period and more time at home, as in her own words, as a “all you can eat and drink”.

The pounds and inches kept creeping on and Shelly felt in a complete rut.

Not knowing what to do to stop the slide or how to make things better again.

Luckily, she had heard about THQ and decided to check us out….but she was still a little hesitant to come in.

She believed it would be full of fit and active people looking great, and that she would look lost, useless and not as if she should be there.

But what she found was the total opposite….

“I was really apprehensive about joining but Jules (THQ Leek Head Coach) made me feel really relaxed, he even offered to see me on my own for the induction. I suppose what surprised me the most is that I could actually do it and enjoy it. 

 “(I believed) That it would be very clicky and no one would speak, I also expected to see very buffed and toned people, but everyone is normal and buffed and toned”

At THQ, we attract local people who don’t have a lot of time, but want to be shown how to get into great shape.

We often see members helping one another with exercise & weight selection in sessions, sharing ideas for meals and generally being supportive to one another. Because other members respect that you are in the gym and trying to make a change, just like themselves.

All members go through the same journey of completing a 6 Week Meltdown, then a 12 week shoot and other additional programs available. Meaning they have the experience and advice given to them from trainers and other members, and they are more than happy to pass that experience on to help others.

Shelly completed her 6 week meltdown and was gobsmacked at how much she enjoyed the process and felt more confident in the gym.

She then carried on and went onto monthly rolling membership where 12 week shoots are included, jumping on a shoot when she felt ready to do so.

We started on a basic meal planner to begin, but then progressed shelly onto tracking calories so that she could include the foods that she liked.

Her training went from 3 times a week on the 6 week meltdown, to 5 sessions a week just before her shoot.

And that was the plan.

Simple but so effective, the transformation was brilliant.

“I’ve lost 28lb at least and about 12 inches over the body”

Shelly set out to lose weight, get fit and toned, not only did she do that, but she built confidence in herself.

She had a goal to look and feel fabulous before her 50th this year, she certainly has smashed that goal and some more.

We asked Shelly what would she say to anyone who is wanting to start but a little hesitant about enquiring like she was….

“Join – it’s worth it, don’t be afraid.”

Ready to plan your transformation?

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