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Nicki’s 30lbs Weight Loss Transformation Also Lowers Her High Cholesterol Levels

Nicki surprised herself with what she could achieve by weight training and eating the right foods.

Not only has Nicki transformed her body shape to be more toned, defined and lighter, but it also transformed her health.

Nicki has always been very active in her life and believed herself to be fit, active and healthy.

But she was still holding weight around the midsection.

And no matter how active she tried to be…it just clung to the middle and refused to shift.

At the same time, she was also having issues with her cholesterol levels which was a big concern.

At a bit of a loss, Nicki was reluctantly getting to the point where she would have to accept the extra weight around the middle and hoped that she stayed healthy with her cholesterol levels.

Fortunately, at this same time, a friend of hers had started at Transformation HQ and had told her how she had finally seen results.

Her friend was losing weight, getting fitter & stronger and feeling the best she had in years.

Her friend encouraged her to go to a “find out more” chat that they put on.

Hesitantly Nicki thought why not and came down to the chat.

She saw a session in action and liked the small group personal training style.

Nicki also wanted to give weight training a go as she had heard great things but didn’t know where to start.

She started her transformation journey on the THQ 6-Week Meltdown, in which all members begin their journey.

We work on all the basics of lifting weights and eating correctly for your goals, and we keep you accountable with a weekly check-in from your assigned personal trainer.

The 6 weeks flew by for Nicki, and she enjoyed seeing herself getting fitter & stronger but also seeing her body get more defined.

Especially around the middle.

Even with a lockdown interrupting her progression, she knew this type of training would yield great results for her.

When life returned back to normal last year, she decided that she would enrol on a 12-week shoot, which is included in our monthly rolling membership at THQ.

The shoot is a more advanced version of the 6 Week Meltdown.

On the 12-week shoot, she would still train the same, but we would increase training sessions from 3 a week to 4, then 5 sessions a week just before her shoot.

We would encourage her to stay active outside the gym as playing golf and walking are big passions for Nicki.

And at the same time, we would also teach Nicki more about nutrition.

We gave her a food list to choose from and taught her how to track calories and macronutrients to not only make the body burn off fat, but also improve health markers.

Then the process began, she listened to our advice & instructions, followed her plan, and the results were fantastic.

She lost 30lbs off an already small and light frame, but it revealed a very toned, defined athletic body shape.

And to make things even better, her cholesterol levels are now in normal and healthy ranges.

She now maintains this brilliant-looking body shape and stays healthy with just 3 Transformation HQ sessions a week and keeps active by walking and playing golf.

We asked Nicki what was the biggest take-home lesson she has learnt from the process…

“I feel far more knowledgeable about what foods to eat – I always thought I ate healthily but it wasn’t until I started tracking calories that I realised how wrong I was.”

Nicki feels over the moon with her new health & body shape and is as strong & fit as she has ever been.

She now has all the knowledge and experience to maintain this better body shape & health for good.

Has Nicki inspired you to start lifting weights and eating better?

Pop in a find out more request below, and we will send you some information on how we can help you.

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