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Rebecca lost 2 stone & can now be happy when looking in the mirror

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

I’m certain of the answer, because we all look at the bits we are not too happy with.

Rebecca was the same. She told us when she first came to THQ, that she finally wanted to be able to look in the mirror and be proud and happy.

She knew that to achieve this, she would need to build a bit of muscle and to lose some weight.

We explained to Rebecca how the 6 Week Meltdown process would get her results. With a flexible eating plan and 3 weight training sessions each week.

This was a pleasant surprise for Rebecca…

“I thought I’d be lifting weights and on a diet of chicken and veg for the foreseeable”

At THQ, we don’t ban ANY types of food. We believe that life is for living, and you don’t need to be perfect to get into great shape.

We just found out what Rebecca liked to eat, and gave her some better alternatives, and allowed some treats from time to time.

Inside the gym, she was surprised to see that we didn’t have meat heads smashing and throwing weights around. It was normal looking people and the support was top notch.

“The sessions are so well planned and all the trainers are so helpful, even when I get stuck for food ideas!” 

Having this structure and support from a trainer was crucial for Rebecca, as she always had somebody for advice, support and ideas.

“The atmosphere at THQ is so much more than a gym! Every trainer knows your name and everyone is a friendly face!

I was super impressed with how fast I got stronger!”

Soon the 6 weeks had finished and Rebecca was feeling stronger, fitter and had way more energy. Better still, she was seeing body shape changes in the mirror, faster than anything she had ever done before.

She knew she didn’t want to stop, so she enrolled onto monthly rolling membership. Rebecca was eying up the next available 12 week shoot which is included in membership.

This would be a more advanced version of the 6 week meltdown. Instead of 3 sessions a week, we would increase that slowly up to 4, then 5 sessions a week just before her shoot.

She was given a daily step and calorie target to make sure that we were always burning body fat.

And then we got to work.

Rebecca was hard working and organised – the results of the effort Rebecca put in were brilliant…

Rebecca lost 2 stone overall to have a more toned, healthier and stronger body. One that she now looks into the mirror and can’t help but smile.

She now aims to improve on this shape even further as she now has the skills, knowledge and experience to do so.

We asked Rebecca what she would say to anyone thinking about enquiring or starting at THQ…

“Definitely just do it- it will be the best thing you ever do!”

Have you been avoiding that mirror a lot recently?

You too in just a few short weeks can be happy like Rebecca when you catch a glimpse of yourself.

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