THQ Success Story

Weightlifting gave Ruth an incredible body shape and is the lightest she has been in years.

Who said weightlifting isn’t for women?

Ruth has always been an active lady. Being a yoga instructor meant she had the time and desire to focus on her body shape.

Yet she didn’t quite have the athletic feminine curves she aspired to. Getting her younger body shape back was the ultimate goal.

She realised that she needed to do another form of training, alongside her yoga, if she was to get this better-looking body shape.

Ruth had seen the results of female transformations at THQ and loved how slim and toned they looked.

She had a slight misconception that lifting weights was just for men and that it could make her look bulky.

Would she know what to do?

She didn’t want to get injured.

Would the gym be an unwelcoming macho environment?

She soon realised after just a few weeks that’s not the case.

She found herself in a welcoming, friendly & supportive environment. Ruth loved the warm atmosphere, training in small groups in a friendly community.

Even better still, the inches and pounds fell off, but at the same time, Ruth felt strong, fit & powerful.

This did wonders for Ruth’s confidence.

She now feels confident to slip into jeans or a nice dress, rather than hiding in a pair of baggy joggers.

Ruth feels in control of her body shape now and knows how to keep standards high, without dieting and being in the gym all the time.

She has learnt that eating the correct types a food, with the occasional treat allowed, plus weight training is the secret formula to getting and staying in amazing shape.

Ruth now has a new love for weight training, as it gives her the body shape she deserves for putting in so much effort at the gym, that used to yield no reward.

This recent photo is from a shoot completed last November. It’s not Ruth’s first shoot, but she now uses the shoot as a way of extra accountability to stay in tip top shape.

On this latest shoot (even with a lockdown during), Ruth lost 21lbs and 14 inches.

Which is incredible by itself as she didn’t have a lot to lose in the first place.

It didn’t take long for Ruth’s body shape to start looking more toned, defined and slimmer.

She was assigned her very own personal trainer, who made her accountable with weekly check ins and guided her through her transformation journey.

THQ laid the whole road map in front of Ruth, specifying to her how to eat and train to change her body shape. It was made very clear and concise, which meant Ruth felt in control of everything.

Having the plan laid out in front from start to finish helped her zone out of any distractions. If you follow the THQ plan with just a bit of consistency, you soon start seeing dramatic visual results.

Has Ruth inspired you to get in touch? We asked Ruth what would you say to anyone thinking about joining?

“I would absolutely encourage them to do it. I started when I was 53, so if I can do it, then anyone can. It gives you control back again”

Take back control of your body shape again and do what Ruth did.

Fill in your details on our find out more page and let us take care of the rest.

Join her on the virtual 6 week meltdown with sessions now done from the comfort of your own home, but still in the warm, friendly and supportive THQ community.

Ready to plan your 2021 transformation?

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