THQ Success Story

Sarah lost 22lbs to tone the body & build confidence

Sarah wasn’t really a gym goer, the thought of going into the gym alongside a load of fit people was enough to put her off.

Yet, her body shape and mental health was deteriorating because she wasn’t doing anything!

Fortunately, she heard about THQ’s results and checked us out, seeing women who had a similar body shape and of similar age to herself. And they had achieved fantastic results and looked fabulous.

She knew that we would be able to help, and tentatively put in a request to find out more about our 6 Week Meltdown program.

Sarah came to a find out more meeting and saw that it wasn’t all skinny young girls and ultra-fit blokes, it was just normal looking people.

She also watched a session in action and saw that the trainers were being very attentive with the members, really putting in a lot of effort with people’s form.

Straight away this reassured Sarah, as she was worried that she wouldn’t know what to do, and look silly doing the exercises. But seeing the THQ trainers’ slow things down, explain technique and spend time with members – that she would be fine in sessions.

Sarah experienced this first hand on her sessions and was really pleased….

“(The) Trainers had realistic expectations but were also encouraging and motivating – other gym users were supportive” 

Sarah was surprised to find that the other members weren’t looking down at her – they encouraged one another, helped each other out in sessions, discussing meal ideas and generally being very helpful to one another.

Sarah’s main aim was to lose a bit of the tummy, make the clothes fit a bit better, and get more confidence & positive mindset.

This was all achieved, but she also told us that she enjoyed other aspects not anticipated before starting at THQ….

“The discipline, the people (both trainers and gym users), the positivity.” 

Having a supportive network around you is just as important as a good training and nutrition plan.

Sarah went through the 6 week meltdown and 12 week shoot with other members at the same time, and discovered that they too had the same worries, concerns and problems.

And with a little advice from the trainers, they all solved these issues together!

They all now have a much better understanding of how eating better and keeping food diaries, alongside resistance training was what’s been missing from their lives.

Sarah and the rest of the members now live “normal” lives, and have treats & cheats but maintain their better and healthier body shapes.

Sarah is now beginning a new shoot to improve on her fantastic results so far, so watch this space.

We asked Sarah what would she say to anyone sitting on the fence about joining & she gave this brilliant response…

“Do it …. if you are unhappy about some aspect of yourself either physical or linked to mental health. Commit 100% to THQ with a positive outlook and in 12 weeks you will feel completely different about yourself. It sounds like a cliche but ‘trust the process’. After all whatever you are doing currently isn’t working as you would wish or you wouldn’t be considering THQ – so what’s the worst that can happen?”

Has Sarah made you think that you need to make that serious change?

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