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Shelleyann loses 29 pounds, 30 inches & boosts body confidence with this amazing transformation

Shelley hadn’t been best pleased with her body shape in recent years, and the latest lockdowns hadn’t helped either….

“I had put weight on through lockdown and felt horrible about the way I looked and approached 50 next year so needed to start looking after myself.”

Shelley also plays and coaches for a netball team, so fitness was important to her as she wants to keep up her standards with her game.

Although she was determined to get in great shape, nothing seemed to really work.

Trying diet and exercise plans just left her feeling let down & frustrated due to the lack of results.

“I’ve always struggled to stick to a gym plan, I always make and use excuses like the kids, house, work…but my body never seemed to change?!”

She knew that she was going to need a little help if she was going to see the inches and pounds shift.

But the thought of going into the gym was quite daunting, Shelley was unsure…

“Maybe everyone was slim and I would look foolish? Is everyone going to be hardcore weight lifters?”

Shelley really needn’t have worried. She came down to a no-commitment consultation and met the head coach.

He laid out a plan and explained that the 6 Week Meltdown would help her lose the inches & pounds desired, but also get her fitter & stronger for her netball game.

Shelley liked the idea of a small group training environment and having someone with her at all times, and soon, her worries about looking silly in the gym had disappeared….

 “After going in & seeing normal everyday people with no airs and graces, but just lovely people” 

Not only was Shelley losing pounds & inches, getting fitter & stronger, but she noticed her mindset was also improving as well. She felt mentally more positive after a tough time with Covid and now was starting to feel proud of herself.

She completed the 6-week meltdown and loved the results – there was no stopping Shelley now. People were noticing the difference, her new eating structure had fixed issues with her stomach and was feeling toned, strong and loved how she felt in her clothes.

Wanting the results to continue, she jumped on the next available 12-week shoot which is included in the monthly membership at Transformation HQ.

The 12-week shoot is a more advanced version of the 6-week meltdown, on the shoot, Shelley was shown how to track calories & macronutrients, and we slowly increased training sessions up to 4 a week, then 5 sessions a week just before her shoot.

We improved Shelley’s daily step target to increase calorie burn, encouraged good sleep and increased water consumption.

All this together completely changed Shelley’s body shape.

Shelley was aware of the shoot when she joined Transformation HQ but never thought that she would go for it.

The confidence she gained from lifting weights and eating better gave her the self-assurance to step in front of a camera in a sports top.

She has now maintained this healthier, fitter and slimmer body shape and continues to keep feeling good by lifting weights.

Do you want to gain some newfound body confidence like Shelley did?

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