THQ Success Story

Vanessa starts lifting weights and drops 23lbs

Vanessa first came to see THQ as she wanted to lose the baby weight, tone up a bit more and get fitter.

She had tried other training and diet plans in the past, but they just never seemed to do the trick, a lot of effort goes in but very little reward comes back out.

Excited by the results we had already put out on our website and social media pages, Vanessa knew that THQ could help her get in to great shape.

Soon after putting a find out more request form in, she was having a consultation to find out how it all worked. She was surprised to hear that all sessions were weight training centred and that she didn’t have to do any cardio.

We’ve actually recently asked Vanessa what were her main concerns of joining THQ and how did we put them to rest……

“It just being weight based…. I assumed cardio was needed too.. I loved the classes and saw better results than anything I’d done before”

Even better, no types of foods were banned and she got to eat 3 meals a day AND snack.

It sounded a little too good to be true but she gave it ago as so many others had tried and got results!

Vanessa started on our introduction program which works on all the basics of training, nutrition and recovery.

And as stated above, she started to see results far faster and better than anything she had done before.

It’s a great feeling for THQ to see members discovering that lifting weights, whilst following our nutritional strategies is the answer to all their frustration when trying to get in shape.

Vanessa was no different and wanted to continue results and feeling good after her 6 Week Meltdown had finished.

She was encouraged to start the next available 12 week shoot which is included in monthly membership at THQ.

The shoot is a more advance version of the 6 Week Meltdown, training is the same but we up the weekly frequency, and look at calories and macronutrients.

This was making Vanessa a little hesitant to start a shoot but soon realised it was no big deal and the results gained were incredible…

“First time I have ever done calorie counting.. I assumed it would be too much of a faf and hadn’t the head space.. But it was easier than I thought once I got into it”

Vanessa was surprised by her willpower and focus once we laid out the blue print for her & 12 weeks later – she had a better looking, healthier & fitter body.

All she needed was a plan, accountability and encouragement from THQ to get her in the best shape she has been in years.

Vanessa now has the knowledge, good habits and belief in herself, that we know she will maintain her better version of herself for good.

Have you got a little bit of baby weight that needs shifting? Lockdown pounds not budging?

Enquire about our next available 6 Week Meltdown intake and you too could be in the best shape of your life….

Ready to plan your 2021 transformation?

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