THQ Helped Vicky Look & Feel Better In Her Clothes Again….

Vicky new she needed to get in shape

After many years of exercising and counting calories…

….the weight just kept on creeping up!

She had tried many types of exercise routines & healthy eating plans, but the scale weight kept on going north.

And she noticed that the more plans and diets she did, the harder it was getting to shift the weight.

Vicky was totally out of ideas and was feeling that being unfit, unhealthy and out-of-shape was her future, but fortunately – she bumped into two old pals….

“I started THQ after many years of always watching my weight, calorie counting and exercising to keep it off but over the last 4 years it gradually crept up.

I knew I needed to make a change in my life to see any change in my body but wasn’t really sure what else I could do.

Two friends of mine had started THQ and we’re loving it, so I asked lots of questions as I had never done weights before and suffered with back and knee problems on and off.

I hated going the larger gyms, so I thought I would try the 6 week meltdown and if it wasn’t for me, fair enough at least I had given it a go.”

Seeing the transformative power of weight training, demonstrated by her friends that she had bumped into, she had nothing to lose but to give it ago.

Within just a few short weeks, she was in love with the feeling of lifting weights.

How it made her feel alive again.

Getting stronger and fitter.

And also making her feel good in her clothes again.

She loved this feeling so much, that she wanted to take it up another gear.

At THQ, we do a 12 week shoot (after members completed the basics with the 6 week meltdown)

The shoots main aim is to keep you accountable as we will be taking an after photo.

It seemed a bit daunting at first for Vicky, but just like when she jumped in feet first when joining THQ on the 6 week meltdown, she thought what’s the worst that could happen once more…

“I started and loved it meanwhile my friends were just completing the 12 week shoot and they had seen great results, so I couldn’t wait for the challenge to come and I started in January. But again, with the mindset of if it’s not for me then I will just carry on and enjoy healthy eating alongside the classes I was doing.

It was just what I needed with a few ups and downs along the way. I ended up losing 9lb in weight and more importantly, I have lost 4 inches from my waist, 2 inches from my bust/back and 2 inches from my hips/bottom, my shape has changed for the better.” 

Vicky’s shoot was due to be held in April 2020.

Covid had other ideas though, so we had to cancel the shoot as all THQ gym were closed.

This is a testament to Vicky. She could have used the pandemic as an excuse to stop.

But she carried on training at home with online workouts from THQ, and kept tracking calories.

The results were incredible given the tough circumstances she was in.

Not only has THQ transformation Vicky’s body, we have transformed her whole mindset.

From going to being frustrated with dieting & exercising to absolutely loving it!

She also discovered that joining THQ is not just about getting in shape and feeling better about yourself….

“I feel great and my confidence has grown from going to THQ sessions, realising what I can do and looking and feeling better in my clothes.

I love it when I meet someone who also goes to THQ to chat to about how they are finding it. I like how it changes every month and everyone’s in the same boat and that feeling of belonging to something that’s good.

I’ve met some lovely people and even though I go on my own, I feel a real part of it. The trainers know everyone’s names and always ask how you are doing etc. 

If anyone asks I always say just give it a try and see for yourself – you will love it.”

So as Vicky says, just give it ago.

What’s the worst that can happen other than feeling and looking so much better.

Our August intake has just closed, but you can put your name down as interested for the September intake by filling in the form below


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