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Matt’s impressive body & mindset transformation after lockdowns

2020 & 2021 were difficult years for everyone. They took a big toll on our physical and mental health.

As personal trainers and gym owners, we were expected to brush it all off & cope with it, but like everyone else – we found it a challenge.

This meant bad habits slipping back in and our bodies suffering the consequences.

Matt the new head coach at THQ Ashbourne also found himself in this position.

He wasn’t feeling very energetic, mood was low and his body shape reflected this.

Matt knew that he couldn’t go on like this and that his old “good” habits needed to return.

Having a done a 12 week shoot before, he knew that another shoot would slowly and steadily bring back in good behaviours, but at a comfortable pace that would help them remain.

The June shoot started in April, Matt like many other members started their transformational journey together.

We set Matt a calorie target to eat each day that was satiating enough that he never felt hungry, but enough to keep him in a calorie deficit (fat burning).

All that was expected of Matt was to focus on completing three weight training sessions each week.

We needed to work on Matt’s habits – taking out a few bad ones – replacing them with some good ones.

This was achieved by the shoot’s 12 week modules. Each week opening up a new module and being given a specific task. Over the 12 weeks, these tasks compounded to have a really strong positive affect on his body shape and mental wellbeing.

As the weeks progressed, we slowly lowered calories and at the same time, increased Matt’s weight training sessions, plus making a daily step target.

And that’s it!

Fairly simple when put like that, isn’t it?

This is THQ’s main objective when getting people in shape. We want to make the process an enjoyable & well laid out route, so that it’s just about taking the little steps and sticking to the plan.

Matt left the lockdowns not in his best shape or frame of mind, but he went through one 12 week THQ shoot and has come out a much better person.

Leaner, stronger, fitter, more muscle and probably the most important – a happy and positive person.

This disciplined, structure and better mindset has empowered Matt to make a big change in his life.

He has been a fantastic trainer over the last two & a half years at THQ Leek (and THQ Whaley for a short period), that he has now entered partnership with THQ Group to open THQ Ashbourne.

He is a shining example of how to live a fit, healthier and positive life, and the reaction he got from Leek members shows just how much of a positive influence he has been.

THQ Ashbourne now has somebody who lives and breathes the same process that all our members go through. Experiencing the highs & lows, obstacles & rewards and they now have a head coach to get them to where they want to be.

The shoot may sound like a bit too much of a challenge at the moment for you, and this is totally normal. Never the less, we’ve created an even simpler version for all new members to complete upon joining, and it’s called the 6 Week Meltdown.

Six weeks eating from an easy to follow meal planner with 6 fat loss recipe books, whilst still including your favourite treats.

Weekly modules to extract the bad habits and replace with new good ones.

3 weight training sessions a week with a trainer at all times.

Weekly check in from your very own assigned personal trainer.

On average on the 6 weeks, members lose up to a stone, losing 1-3 inches from those all-important areas, but just as important as it was to Matt – gaining a much more positive mindset.

Why not end this year on a high and get in the best shape you’ve been in years?

Enquire for more information about our 6 Week Meltdown below….


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