THQ Success Story

Adam drops 32lbs for a fitter & stronger body

Adam knew that he was a little out of shape.

He came to us with a simple goal.

β€œTo get fit, lose weight and become healthier”

Adam did have an injury that he was a little worried would hold back results.

We were certain that we could help Adam and laid out a simple plan.

The THQ 6 Week Meltdown would be the perfect program for him.

He would weight train 3 times a week.

These sessions would be completed in small groups, and there would always be a trainer with him to make sure he was training correctly.

Having this trainer with him at all times was great for Adam, we could easily adapt his training sessions for his injury with no fuss.

At the same time, Adam followed the THQ meal planner & cookbooks.

A structure that focuses on 3 protein dominant meals a day and the chance to have a snack.

We also gave Adam weekly modules to work on other areas such as sleep, stress & hydration as his 6 weeks continued.

Soon Adam was seeing and feeling a difference.

The scale weight started to come down, he was getting stronger & fitter in the gym and generally feeling better.

Adam knew that this type of training and using our nutritional strategies was for him.

Because it was working so well.

He told us he really liked β€œThe relaxed atmosphere. No egos and the trainers are better than expected. They push you and keep you motivated.”

He had seen that as part of the monthly rolling membership at THQ, members can enrol on a 12-week shoot at no extra cost.

He wasn’t so sure at first, having photos taken wasn’t really for him.

But after listening to the head coach explain how it all worked, he realised it was more about answerability.

And being held to account to maximise results.

He liked the sound of the challenge so agreed to go all in and see what was possible over the 12 weeks.

The 12-week shoot is a more advanced version of the 6 Week Meltdown.

Adam was given individualised calories & macronutrients and shown how to track them.

He believed that it would be a bit of a faff, but soon realised it took no more than 5 minutes each day.

Fastly understanding how to prepare meals so that they were healthy, satiating and hit his targets.

We also slowly increased his training from 3 times a week to 4 sessions a week, then 5 sessions a week just before his shoot.

Putting a huge focus on lifting heavy weights with good form, always making sure he had lots of intensity in his sessions.

To keep up the calorie burn, rather than giving Adam boring steady state cardio – we gave him a simple step target to achieve each day.

Other than encouraging Adam to keep processed junk food and alcohol to a minimum, this was his plan.

He followed it as best he could and he loved seeing the changes.

Adam built muscle and burnt body fat with proper training sessions, a targeted nutrition plan & continual support from his trainers.

He is now 32lbs lighter, stronger & fitter, his body shape looks way more toned & defined.

Adam has inspired others to start so we asked what would he say to anyone thinking about enquiring…

β€œI’ve recommended this to others already, and they love it. The structure is simple and the results are great.”

Are you ready to make a change & see results?

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