THQ Success Story

Adam built muscle AND burnt body fat to get shredded

Adam set his targets high. He knew that his current body shape wasn’t what it could be.

He wanted to lose body fat and build muscle. Not quite sure if that was possible, he was a little confused.

Should he bulk first then cut? Or cut then bulk?

He knew he wouldn’t be able to do it on his own so he did the best thing possible – he hired some help.

Adam saw the results we were putting out at THQ, a lot of lads in all different shapes and sizes that seemed to have built muscle and burnt off body fat.

It seemed to be the perfect set up for him, but still felt a little hesitant to enquire.

Adam simply popped in a request to find out more, he jumped on a no commitment consultation to let the head coach explain how we would get him results, and within a few days he was making his first tentative steps into a small group session…

“Having spent virtually no time in a gym before and never lifted weights it was quite daunting at first, but after completing my first session those fears quickly vanished thanks to the supportive and encouraging attitude of all the trainers and even the other members”

We could see that Adam had the potential to change. We were certain that with proper coaching in sessions to perfect form, alongside slowly increasing weights, plus a change to his nutrition, that we would soon see results.

Adam (like all new members) started on the 6 week meltdown. Working on all the basics of training, nutrition and recovery. He had weekly modules to open that worked on all aspects of getting in shape. And his assigned trainer completed weekly check ins with him to make sure he was on the correct track.

“The process is made simple thanks to the easy to follow modules along with how good it makes you feel lifting weights and eating good food.”

Adam loved how his body was starting to make progress, it was getting stronger & fitter, more muscle and less body fat. This was what he was expecting from THQ, but there was something else that he hadn’t quite anticipated…

“The friendly atmosphere at every session knowing there is no competition or judgement towards anyone else only 100% focus on self-improvement.”

All THQ members are working towards their own individual goal, but he found a supportive network that actually helped him towards his goal. No cliques, judgment from others or members hogging machines, just people looking out for one another and helping each other improve.

Adam knew he was in the right place and stayed after his 6 week meltdown. He aimed for the January 12 week shoot start and was raring to go, but as we all know, the next lockdown hit.

He now had a big obstacle in his way but THQ had the members covered. We anticipated that the lockdown was coming and converted the training sessions to work from home, nutrition was exactly the same, and he still got weekly check ins from his trainer through our coaching app.

Also on his shoot, he had weekly modules to open to make sure he was doing everything correctly to burn body fat and build muscle.

The shoot plan was simple, keep resistant training sessions in each week with a view to get fitter and stronger, there would be 3 sessions a week to begin, which would raise up to 5 a week just before his shoot. He was also given a step target to take each day which he could do with lots of little walks, so he didn’t feel any pressure to do long “steady state cardio” sessions.

Also on shoot, he was given a calorie target to achieve each day, and at the same time, we taught him how many grams of protein, fats & carbs he needed each day to get shredded.

Other than trying to sleep and hydrate well, this was it! Nice simple and easy to follow plan.

And Adam just followed it to the letter.

He was consistent, disciplined and driven.

He even had a young family to deal with but he didn’t use that as an excuse – he just got to work.

And the results were HUGE!

“I lost 26lbs and 16 inches off my total body circumference in the 217 days (115 in lockdown) between joining THQ and finishing the 12 week shoot.”

He actually lost weight and inches but visually looks better, bigger and stronger.

We know Adam will inspire some of you who are wanting to get shredded so we asked him, what would you say to anyone who is sat on the fence about enquiring….

“Take the hardest step and get started and you won’t regret it”

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