THQ Success Story

Alan drops 35lbs to become healthier, fitter & stronger.

Alan was the first to admit about being dubious of our results.

Yes, it has worked for many people but will it work for me? This was his main concern when starting at THQ.

But he had nothing to lose and a lot to gain, so he gave it a bash.

So soon after starting, he loved how he was feeling.

Strong, fit, healthier and the pounds and inches started to melt away.

He wasn’t doing any boring cardio and was eating plenty of food.

Alan loves the style of sessions at THQ. In a small group environment lifting weights.

He could not believe that it was this type of training that would finally get the scale weight to shift.

The intensity in sessions, which we slowly ramped up, was the ingredient Alan had been missing all along.

Before starting at THQ, Alan didn’t really have the best of nutritional or training knowledge.

This led to the body piling on the pound and inches.

But just after a few short weeks, we taught Alan how to include his favourite foods in his diet AND still lose weight!

As he progressed further, he started a THQ 12 week shoot for that little bit extra of a push.

On the shoot we showed Alan how he can continue to lose pounds and inches by just tracking calories and macronutrients.

It’s seen like a big task at first, but Alan soon realised that it was really simple. Just taking 10 minutes each day punching his food into an app.

We continued to train Alan efficiently in the gym, and then the worse case scenario happened. A lockdown was put in place, meaning he could not train before his shoot.

This still didn’t affect his results as he weighed in on his shoot day and he was 35lbs lighter from his before photo.

And to top that off – his waist was now 5 inches smaller!

He felt stronger, fitter and a lot more healthier.

Finding the whole process so easy to do and follow.

Alan’s journey didn’t stop here.

He aims to continue his results with more guidance from the THQ trainers who have put a plan in place.

It just proves that hiring a coach gets results faster than going it alone.

Working with a coach is an investment in yourself, not an expense.

It saves you time, money and a lot of energy that is wasted going from diet to diet, exercise plan to exercise plan, with no little results to show for it.

Stop hopping from one exercise and diet plan to another, praying that it might just work this time.

To taking action like Alan did and seeking guidance and support from coaches that have done it themselves, and got hundreds of other people through it too!

Our next intake starts in March and you can register your interest below…

Still sitting on the fence? We asked Alan what he would say to anyone thinking about enquiring or joining, this is what he said;

“Jump off the fence & join THQ you will not regret it, and sooner you do it, the better you will feel.”

Ready to plan your 2021 transformation?

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