THQ Success Story

Andy went from being overweight & unfit – to strong, lean & muscular

Andy is a dad of two and has a very busy & stressful lifestyle.

This meant very poor food choices and not much physical activity.

Without noticing, his body shape, health and fitness had gone a bit down the drain.

He knew that he couldn’t keep going this way and wanted to be a better role model for his children.

Andy had never really been a big “gym goer” and wasn’t so sure how to get started.

He knew that he would need a bit of direction and guidance.

Seeing the types of results that THQ were putting on social media, he thought we would be the guys to get him in shape.

He didn’t want to spend hours in the gym wasting his time – he wanted time saving workouts that were going to get results.

He didn’t want to be starving himself either – he wanted a variety to his meals and to feel full and satiated.

We gave Andy the blue print to his journey and explained what he needed to do.

He started on our 6 week meltdown. On this, our main priority was to teach Andy how to weight train for body shape results.

Just 3 transformation sessions a week that lasted for 45 minutes.

Whilst on the 6 week meltdown, we also gave Andy weekly modules that worked on his nutrition, sleep, stress, hydration and recovery. Providing Andy the knowledge of how it all works and how simple it really can be.

Andy loved this simple format and got to work – he was seeing visible changes in his body shape in the 6 weeks and was feeling great. He was now strong, fit and healthy, as good as he has felt in years.

He wanted the results to continue, so he took it up a notch.

He saw that within monthly membership, there is an option to do a 12 week shoot.

At first, he thought that the shoot wasn’t something he would do, it seemed a bit of a vanity project.

But having spoken to other members and trainers who had all gone through the shoot process, they encouraged him to go for it.

Telling Andy that it’s the best thing they’ve ever done to get into shape.

Purely because THQ kept them accountable to getting results – as we take your photo at the end – there is nothing better to keep you following a plan.

He went ahead and took it to that next level and jumped on the closest available shoot.

Again, THQ lays out the path in a simple and “real life” friendly way.

He trained 3 times a week to start with – to which we raised up to 4 and then 5 sessions a week just before his shoot.

He had weekly modules to open and work on to make sure he was doing everything outside of the gym correctly.

And he tracked calories, so that the trainers could check on his nutrition, and to ensure he stayed in a calorie deficit for the whole 12 weeks.

For Andy, tracking calories and training often in a gym seemed like an alien environment before starting at THQ, but after just a couple of months it was second nature.

He couldn’t believe that he can live a normal life, eat normal food and still get in great shape.

It’s a testament to Andy how he just got to work, avoided temptations and listened to what we said.

He proves that if you stick to the THQ formula, that you can achieve a big transformation in a short amount of time.

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