THQ Success Story

Andy loses 25kg to uncover this stronger, fitter and healthier body shape

Gaining weight and getting out of shape isn’t a certainty as you get older.

But Andy thought it was just a fact of life.

Watching the belly get bigger, the body looking more rounder and softer, and generally feeling low on energy.

Until Andy talked himself out of it. He didn’t want to be getting fatter and sicker as he got older.

He wanted to at least try and get in good shape and be healthier.

Andy knew that doing it on his own was never going to work, and he would probably spend more time doing the incorrect things.

He sought out some assistance and looked for a gym who had proven results. He saw that THQ had results with guys that had a similar body shape to him. This gave him the urge to pop in a find out more request and come in to see us for a chat.

We explained how we would be lifting heavy weights with good intensity 3 times a week for 45 minutes, and following a meal planner that involved having 3 meals a day and he even got to snack.

And incredibly, he was surprised to hear that nothing was banned nutritionally. So, if he wanted to go the pub at the weekends, this was allowed!

This sounded a little too good to be true, but he gave it a good go anyway.

Soon, he was seeing results and feeling stronger, fitter and more energetic.

He knew that this was the real deal and wanted to learn more. Andy wanted to understand how resistance training and how eating better changes the body shape.

So, we encouraged Andy to start the next 12 week shoot, which is available to all members in their monthly rolling membership.

A 12 week period to really knuckle down and be shown/taught how tracking calories, macronutrients and resistance training completely transforms a body.

He even had to deal with a lockdown throughout his 12 weeks, but THQ adapted the training to work from home with a set of dumbbells and body weight training.

He started on 3 transformation sessions a week when he first started at THQ, which increased to 4 a week, and then finally 5 times a week before his shoot.

That’s just 3 and ¾ hours a week of resistance training needed. He knew this was doable and we told Andy to hit an achievable step target each day to keep up calorie burn.

This simple formula saw Andy change every week, the pounds and inches completely dropped off him. Over his 12 week shoot, he dropped 16kg, plus the 9kg dropped before starting his shoot.

He was getting stronger but losing inches, which demonstrates to us that he built muscle & burnt off A LOT of body fat.

Which has revealed a completely younger and healthier looking body shape.

Andy now has maintained this new shape but still has the odd treat like going to the pub, a treat with the kids etc…. which means he lives a normal social life and doesn’t have to live like a monk.

He has found the perfect balance in life of still enjoying himself, yet staying in great shape and we couldn’t be any prouder of how well Andy has done!

You don’t have to have a beer belly and be out of shape as you get older.

You can do something about it and Andy is a testament to that.

Resistance training + THQ nutritional strategies = Happy, healthier, leaner body!

Has Andy inspired you to get in shape this summer? Pop in a “Find Out More” request and let us send you a bit more information…..

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