THQ Success Story

Anthony drops 28lbs to get this set of washboard abs

Anthony had let things slide a little and his body shape wasn’t where he wanted it to be.

He knew he would have to get in the gym if he was going to see changes because he wanted to build muscle and burn body fat.

But where to start?

Should he do more cardio?


Exercise classes?

It was all a bit confusing.

And motivation levels were something he always struggled with.

He always had good intentions to start but it never materialised into anything serious.

Partly down to not seeing any changes in his body shape when he started to exercise and eat better in the past.

Anthony knew that if he was going to get serious and try and get his abs showing, he would need some help.

He had heard a few good things about Transformation HQ and checked out some of our results on the THQ website.

This really fired Anthony up and he popped in a request to find out more.

He did have some trepidations and wondered if he would fit in with THQ sessions, in particular, the “The ego of going into a gym and lifting weights”

After meeting the head coach and hearing how everything worked, he went for and began the 6 Week Meltdown program which works on all the basics of training and nutrition.

We would show Anthony how to weight train correctly with good form and intensity, this was done in small group sessions and he would have a trainer with him at all times.

He was given a meal planner and cookbooks that ensured he was eating for his fat loss and muscle-building goals.

Anthony was soon doing his first sessions and really enjoyed it.

Soon his concerns about the “gym bro ego” and having to weight train had completely disappeared.

“At THQ there are no egos, every session is like a complete support group helping and guiding each other”

At Transformation HQ, we attract members who want to support one another in achieving their goals.

This is all down to them knowing how you are feeling, as they too have gone through a body transformation and understand the challenges and frustrations it brings.

At the same time as getting encouragement and support from other members, the trainers at THQ were giving Anthony the advice, knowledge and assistance needed to build muscle and burn body fat.

This help from the trainers at THQ took him by surprise…

“The support from all the trainers is amazing.

Not many places you as a member can text the owner of a gym for advice and he will text you back or call you and tell you everything you need to know.”

After his 6-week meltdown had been completed, he wanted to continue so started on the next available 12-week shoot which is included in the monthly rolling membership.

On the 12-week shoot we increased training sessions up from 3 times a week to 4, then 5 just before his shoot.

He had to record his nutrition and was shown how to do this as we explained how calorie balance & macronutrients make a difference to a body shape.

And he got his head down and got to work…12 weeks later he was looking like this!

“I have lost since starting THQ 28 Pounds and 8 inches from around my stomach!”

Anthony was brilliant in listening to and applying the advice from his trainers, and it has completely transformed his body but also his mindset, attitude and life.

“I’m now in the best shape ever, feel amazing, look amazing and my confidence is through the roof”

We asked Anthony what would he say to anyone whom he has inspired and is thinking about starting at THQ…

“If you want to get in good shape and become healthy, get signed up – the programs work”

Have we fired a bit of motivation into you to get your abs popping like Anthony’s?

Bang in a request to find out more below and you too very soon could be as happy and healthy as Anthony!

Ready to plan your transformation?

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