THQ Success Story

THQ taught Ben how to reveal this amazing body shape…

Ben came to THQ in fairly good shape. He frequently trained at the gym so dedication wasn’t a problem.

Yet, for all the hard work Ben was putting in at the gym – he just never seemed to see any changes.

Trying different training plans, gyms, training harder, training more frequently….Ben just couldn’t get the results he wanted on his own.

It got to the point where he was just adding in more and more cardio, hoping that one day, it might just start to make a difference.

But to no avail!

He was ready to throw in the towel but saw THQ results, and decided to give it one more roll of the dice. 

When Ben first came to see us, we could see that he had built a decent amount of muscle already.

We could see that he had the determination and discipline instilled in him for him to build this muscle.

Ben set his standards very high, and he wanted to get in the best shape possible.

Our plan was simple, to retain all his muscle and strip back the body fat that was hiding his great physique.

From the off, the training side of things was fairly simple. He had a good understanding of exercise technique, so it was just a case of fine tuning and keeping up training intensity in sessions.

He started on 3 transformation sessions a week which lasted for 45 minutes, working on the body as a whole, focusing on getting stronger. As the months progressed, we slowly increased Ben’s training up to 4 sessions a week, and finally 5 sessions a week the few weeks before his shoot.

Rather than going in at the start at 100 miles per hour, we went in with a far more tactical approach.

Just like a car going through the gears. We slowly added in training sessions as results were about to plateau. This is like having tools on a tool belt, we slowly use more as needed.

The main thing we did was to change Ben’s mindset of going in the gym to burn fat – and to focus on training and retaining the muscle.

If you adopt this approach whilst staying in a calorie deficit, it forces the body to preserve the muscle and use body fat reserves for energy.

This simple formula can change a body shape dramatically in a short amount of time.

Clearly, this brilliant body shape wasn’t just from training.

We worked on Ben’s nutrition in quite some detail as well.

At THQ, we want you to understand how to eat for your body shape goals, but more importantly, how to sustain it.

It’s no good us getting you into top shape, and you didn’t know how you got there – because within a few short months, you are out of shape again.

At THQ, all members start on our 6 week meltdown. On this, you are provided the THQ meal planner that puts structure and organisation into your diet.

Alongside this, you are given SIX cookbooks with fat loss recipes, making meals low in calories, high in protein but more importantly – tasty meals that you can stick to in the long run.

Ben found this easy to follow and could not believe the results he was starting to see.

We encouraged Ben to start the THQ 12 week shoot to really accelerate results.

All his training and eating patterns that he learnt on the 6 week meltdown stayed the same, yet now, he tracked calories.

This may sound complex but it really isn’t, you punch your food into an app, and it takes no more than 10 minutes each day.

It ensured that Ben stayed in a calorie deficit, for the whole 12 weeks.

Continued weight training and being in this calorie deficit reveal the body shape Ben had been hiding for years. We know Ben is happy with the results and we couldn’t be any prouder of his achievement.

Are you a guy who is always in the gym but just never sees the results deserved for that hard work?

It sounds like you need a bit more guidance and accountability from the trainers at THQ.

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