THQ Success Story

Brandon blasted off 37lbs for a new ripped physique

Brandon had always been interested in living in a healthy & athletic way.

He was fascinated by the idea of pushing his body to see what he could achieve.

Being stronger, fitter and having more muscle to give him the strength and look of an athlete.

He had tried doing it on his own in the past but results just never seemed to happen.

Always disappointed with the amount of effort he was putting in, he got very little reward.

Brandon knew that if he was to see serious changes, he would need to seek some professional help.

He had seen some of THQ’s results and decided to pop in for a no commitment consultation to see what it was all about.

Having watched a training session and spoken to the head coach, Brandon was excited at what he could achieve with THQ.

But he still had a little niggling doubt in himself….

“My main concerns when first starting was that I wouldn’t get the results I required due to losing focus”

And this is totally normal, we all start something new and then the “shiny object syndrome” soon wears off.

But at THQ we have your back….

“But the coaches always keep on top of you to do better. 

I enjoy the fact I can be myself as well as speak to the coaches and others about everyday life, as well as continuously getting pushed to improve and do more.”

A warm welcome and a focus to always be improving is a huge component of THQ.

All members are working towards a goal and not just coming in & spinning their wheels.

Brandon started on the THQ 6 Week Meltdown. Which works on all the basics of training, nutrition and recovery.

He started to see results, got stronger, fitter and was building muscle.

Brandon’s body shape was looking more athletic now, and he was motivated at what he could achieve, so he kept pushing by enrolling onto monthly membership.

Brandon’s next steps were to jump onto a 12 week shoot, which is included in monthly rolling membership at THQ.

The shoot is a more advanced version of the 6 week meltdown, we still train the same, but slowly increase training sessions from 3 a week up to 5 just before a shoot.

We also have the same concept with nutrition, focus on high protein and better-timed carbohydrates intake. Yet on the shoot, we track calories so that their own assigned trainer can check up on their food diary in order to optimise results.

This was the plan.

We checked in with Brandon weekly, meaning that he was always on track and we got to work.

The results were brilliant.

From starting at THQ in October of 2020, to his shoot at the beginning of September 2021, Brandon went from 83kg down to 66kg.

It may look like he added weight, but this is where most go wrong when trying to achieve the strong and athletic look.

You need to recomposition the body so that it builds muscle and burns off body fat, which often makes you lighter on the scales, but look great with your top off.

We asked Brandon what would he say to anyone who he has inspired and is thinking about joining…..

“Join – as they have a great team all around. Each willing to help you succeed in whatever way you want, as well as feeling comfortable at all times.”

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