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Chris loses 44lbs to be the strongest & healthiest he has been in a long time

Chris would be the first to admit that he was probably in the worst shape of his life.

He has a job that requires him to work long hours and is based around shifts. This demanding work lifestyle meant that he put his health and fitness last, resulting in his weight spiralling out of control.

He realised that this could no longer continue if he was to live a healthy and happy life, so he looked for some help.

Chris knew that to see fast results, he would need someone who has got in shape before and has helped others. He saw the results that THQ had achieved and like the sound of weight training as the main method of training. If he could get stronger and lose weight, Chris would be over the moon with that.

Chris came in to THQ to see if we could help, after his no commitment consultation, he loved the sound of everything and started on the 6-Week Meltdown.

Even though Chris liked the sound of it all, he still had a little bit of trepidation. He wasn’t in the best shape and openly admitted that he was really unfit, would he be able to cope with the sessions…?

“The trainer’s guidance put my fear to rest, plus seeing quick results boosted my confidence.”

He now loved going to the gym and really enjoyed training with other members on their similar journey. He loved how they all pushed and supported one another, with a group focus to improve together. Chris actually completed his journey with his girlfriend Rebecca, it’s well worth checking her story out as well by clicking here >>> Rebecca Haynes.

Interestingly, from the start of Chris’s journey, he was solely focused on the scale weight but soon, his mindset shifted to a better view….

“At the beginning it was just to shed weight but as I progressed, I wanted a better shaped body, to build muscle, get stronger and feel more comfortable in my own skin”

This is something we see often from members, it’s great seeing the penny drop that it’s not just about getting hot and sweaty to see results. They soon understand that they need to control their diet, lift weights to build & maintain muscle, and focus on getting stronger in the gym.

Chris loved this method and jumped on the next available 12 week shoot which is included in monthly rolling membership.

On the shoot, we taught Chris how to track calories and what types of foods to consume that would help him achieve his goal. He was given a daily calorie limit that kept him energised but incinerated body fat. Yet at the same time, his body built muscle as we were focusing on weight training in sessions and getting stronger.

This combination can vastly change a body shape in a very short amount of time.

Chris started on three 45-minute training sessions a week on his 6 week meltdown, which we gradually increased up to 4 sessions a week, then 5 just before his shoot. Even with a demanding job, a lot going on his life at the time AND moving house, he still never used that as an excuse to drop out.

He stuck to the plan and got to work, because actually, he didn’t find it that difficult to follow, enjoying the process in its entirety and the results were top notch….

At the start of the shoot, he was 15 stone and finished at 11 stone 12. His body now looks more healthier, stronger and fitter. He feels a lot more energised and has a more positive mental attitude because of the transformation he has gone through.

We asked Chris what would he say to anyone who he has inspired and is thinking about enquiring…

“I’d say just go for it – give the 6 week meltdown a try and then you will be hooked after seeing the results, then you will want to push yourself for the shoot and see amazing results”

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