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Craig was at his heaviest and felt tired all the time

Craig like many out there found lockdowns particularly tough. Not just mentally with pressures of work and a young family, but also with his body shape.

It took a pretty big pounding. All the incorrect foods & takeaways, a bit too much beer and not enough exercise.

Resulting in the pounds and inches creeping on through 2020, and if anything, he felt like they were creeping on at a faster rate towards the end of the year.

This caused an unwanted milestone; he was now at the heaviest he had ever been. Even worse, he was feeling tired and groggy all of the time.

Craig did not want this spiralling out of control to a point of no return, so he decided enough was enough, and he needed to take action.

Decided that in January I was going to do something about it and embark on the 12 week THQ shoot…something I have always found an excuse not to do because of not wanting to sacrifice beer or takeaways!”

We get a lot of members who hesitate about not doing the shoot, believing that they couldn’t change their lifestyle. Whether that’s because of work social life, family and friends not supporting them, or they generally don’t believe that they can improve their diet and training.

Yet when they do finally give it ago, they realise that its actually quite doable. And when they do finish a shoot, we teach people how they can now include their favourite foods and still maintain this much healthier, fitter and better-looking body shape.

What’s more inspiring, is just as Craig had decided that he was ready to commit and start a 12 week shoot – BoJo decided that the country needed a lockdown and all THQ gyms were to be closed.

Not to worry though, we adapted our sessions so that they could work from home with just a set of dumbbells and bodyweight.

He was shown how to track calories and macronutrients, given weekly modules to open and work on, and we made sure Craig was training correctly….

“12 weeks of high protein meals, zoom style weights sessions in my garage (THQ gym was closed) delivered by Ryan Adshead and Jack Spencer, walking 10-12k steps per day and developing an education on the ways to train and transform my habits from Ryan, Jack and Carl Lambert.”

This simple process yielded fantastic results….

“In total I lost 2 stone 10 lbs over the 12 weeks and feel much better than I thought I would/could!!”

Craig didn’t go straight onto a shoot, he initially started on our 6 Week Meltdown program which is a more simplified version of the shoot, without the photo shoot. On average, members drop 1 stone off the scales and 1-3 inches off the waist on the 6 weeks.

During the 6 week meltdown, Craig saw how effective weight training and following the THQ meal planner was, enough so to make him ramp it up and take on a 12 week shoot. Which is included in monthly membership and members jump on when they feel ready.

Craig now has a relaxed lifestyle where he can include a takeaway or a beer if he wishes to, but can still maintain his better energy levels & improved version of himself.

He now has been shown that it’s not about giving up his favourite treats forever, just being a bit better with moderating them, whilst training hard 3 times a week at THQ.

We are chuffed with how well Craig improved and can see a much healthier, upbeat and positive version of him.

We will leave you with Craigs thoughts on anyone thinking about starting with THQ…

“Anyone wanting a dedicated team to push and guide you at every step, and help you get results, THQ is the place! I highly recommend to anyone.” 

We can’t say more than that and we want to show you how simple it really is to lose that beer gut and improve energy levels….fancy learning more? Pop in a find out more request form and you too very soon, could be as happy as Craig.

Ready to plan your summer 2021 transformation?

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