THQ Success Story

Craig drops 33 pounds whilst also getting fitter & stronger

Craig Bode

Craig had become a bit concerned with his health and ever-growing waistline. Having a busy life with work and kids, meant that training in the gym and eating well was always pushed to the side.

This inevitably made a huge impact on Craig’s body and the pounds & inches kept creeping on. He was feeling low on energy and had no motivation to get in shape. Craig was under the impression that it would take a lot of hours in the gym and starving himself to see changes.

Fortunately, he had heard of THQ and how members only had to train 3 times a week for 45 minutes. He also heard that they got to eat proper meals and that no type of food was banned. Having checked out a few of our before & after results he popped in a request to find out more.

He came in for a consultation and found out how it all worked & how we would get him results. See Craig didn’t want to just drop scale weight, he wanted to build muscle so that he was stronger & fitter but also have tone & definition.

Craig wasn’t even sure if that was possible, as he wanted to increase the size of his chest & shoulders but at the same time lose the belly.

To add more complications, Craig had never lifted weights before. This was a huge concern to Craig as he believed that it may hold him back.

The reverse was true.

We had a blank canvas to start with and we were excited that we would see fast results.

Straight away we worked on weight training form, 3 times a week for 45 minutes. That’s it.

Once form was perfected, we put a huge focus on getting stronger by lifting more weight, adding more repetitions or a bit of both. All this was done with good intensity in session and pushed safely with a trainer at all times.

This really shocked his body.

Alongside eating better from the THQ meal planner and cookbooks, fat started to melt off AND we added muscle to his frame.

Craig was now feeling energetic, stronger and fitter. In fact, he tripled the weight he was lifting on his chest and shoulder exercises.

His clothes were looser & baggier, and he knew that he had found the place to train.

It wasn’t always so easy; Craig was the first to admit that he had concerns about starting. He was under the impression that…

“I might feel uncomfortable amongst others but that just was not the case everyone is so friendly and focused on their own development” 

“(THQ is) Just not like a traditional gym.. friendly, no egos, great support and great communication” 

Having not only the support from his trainers, the support from other members all trying to get in great shape, be fitter and stronger together was the cherry on the cake (*disclaimer – no cake involved in sessions). He loved this supportive and welcoming gym environment and needed not fear about starting.

Craig found this process really manageable to do and it fitted into his busy lifestyle. He also wanted to ramp progression up slightly, so he enrolled onto the next available 12 week shoot which is included in membership.

It wasn’t about vanity, he just believed that the extra accountability of having his photo taken would really push him along.

On the shoot, he trained exactly the same way as when he had started, but we added in extra strength sessions working on his upper body and abs. This additional volume through the areas of his body he wanted to improve on made the difference to his muscle mass.

At the same time, we showed Craig how to track calories and macronutrients so that it took no more than 5 minutes each day.

A daily step target was given and then we got to work….the results were amazing.

33 pounds lighter and 3 inches chiselled from the waist.

We asked Craig what would he say to anyone thinking about enquiring at THQ but were sitting on the fence…..

“Just do it 

Trust the programme 

Listen to the excellent coaches and do what they ask 

Be true to yourself”

Has Craig inspired you to take control of your body shape, strength and fitness?

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