THQ Success Story

Dave loses 21lbs to improve his health & fitness

Dave wasn’t in a healthy state the day he walked into THQ.

He knew that he hadn’t been quite looking after himself the way he should have been doing.

He really wanted to be fit and healthy again. But he felt like he wouldn’t be able to do this at his age, and that it would be a huge mountain to climb.

Dave’s big motivation and drive came from his family and partner. He wanted to be in the fittest and healthiest state possible, to live a long life for them.

But Dave is a very busy person and works long hours. He wasn’t too sure if it would be even possible. Believing that it takes hours in the gym to get in shape.

He was pleasantly surprised when he came in and spoke to the head coach at his nearest THQ. Dave was told that he only had to train 3 times a week for 45 minutes. Even better, he could pick, choose and swap his session time so that it fitted around his diary.

There was still a little bit of hesitancy though, he had suffered with a really bad back injury in the past and thought that it would hinder his training sessions. But he like the look of the personal small group sessions, and was shown how we could adapt the exercises due to the small size of the groups.

A few sessions in, Dave knew he had made the right choice. His sessions were fine and a handful of exercises were easily substituted so that he still trained as well as the other members. In fact, he noticed that the many other members were also having to have exercises swopped out for injuries and ability levels.

We also gave Dave all the nutritional tools to enhance results. He followed a simple meal planner and had recipe books to make meals tasty and exciting.

This new set up was perfect for Dave and he wanted to keep it going. So, he continued after his 6 Week Meltdown and enrolled onto monthly membership.

Included in monthly membership, all members can jump onto a 12-week shoot. It’s not about vanity and more about accountability.

Dave liked the idea of a challenge and wanted some direction, structure and accountability added into his health and fitness regime.

He jumped on the next available 12 week shoot and went to the start-up meeting.

Dave discovered that his training would remain the same, but as the weeks progressed, he would eventually be completing five 45-minute training sessions each week.

He also learnt that he would be still using the meal planner and eating a high protein diet, but now he would have to record his calories in a simple app that would take no more than 5 minutes each day to fill in.

Dave believed that this was doable, and that it wouldn’t take much time out of his busy work week, and he got to work.

He had weekly modules to guide him through the shoot, and a trainer checked in with him each week to make sure he was ok and progressing.

That was it, he got to work and the results were brilliant.

21lbs down and 2 inches off the waist to give a much younger, stronger and fitter looking body.

Dave now understands food intake much better and the effects food has on the body. He can now manipulate his nutrition to make himself lose body fat and build muscle. His back is now feeling the strongest it’s been in years with no further issues.

He says the biggest thing he took from doing the shoot is that he is looking and feeling so much better – what more could you ask for than that?

Has Dave inspired you to get back into the gym?

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