THQ Success Story

Dave dropped 4 stone and went from XXL’s to nice fitting large tops

Lockdowns, being at home more and on furlough was hard on people’s health and body shapes.

We all ate a lot more, moved a lot less, & at the same time sleep quality tanked and stress levels heightened.

In terms of being healthy and keeping trim, we were all doing the opposite to achieve that.

When restrictions ended and life started to get back to normal, Dave returned to work and had a big shock….

“I went back to work after being on furlough, and I saw myself in the mirror in one of the lifts and realised how much weight I’d put on, I was embarrassed. I was the heaviest I’d ever been which made me realise I needed to make a big change, so I looked into THQ and saw the amazing results that people had achieved”

He popped in a request to find out more information and was soon having a no-commitment consultation at his local THQ.

Dave knew that he needed to lose some weight, and wanted to work on the beer belly that he saw in that lift’s mirror.

“My main aim was to lose weight, I wanted to ditch the round belly look that I had been stuck with for so long. 

My main concern was that I wouldn’t be able to stick at it or I’d slip back into bad habits”

We explained to Dave that our 6 Week Meltdown would be able to help.

We would lift weights 3 times a week, in small group sessions and with a trainer with him at all times.

There would be assistance with his nutrition so that it was still tasty and exciting but matched his goals.

And that a trainer would be assigned to him to make sure he was always on track.

After just a few short weeks, Dave was feeling and looking better and realised that THQ had his back…

“The support from the trainers is always there, be it in sessions or if struggling they are always happy to help out and only a text message away.

Everybody is on a different stage of their journey, and for me, I was at the very beginning but nobody judged me or treated me any different to anyone else which made settling in and getting used to the classes really easy.

The knowledge of the trainers in all aspects from training techniques to nutrition is superb.

The classes themselves, all through hard work, are really enjoyable. There is a great bunch of both trainers and other gym users whom you can share knowledge with, learn stuff and also have a good laugh with”

Not only did Dave meet great trainers and fellow members, but his body shape was also changing faster than ever before.

He knew that he didn’t want to stop now and wanted to accelerate results further.

Dave jumped onto the next available 12-week shoot. It’s a more advanced version of the 6 Week Meltdown. On the shoot, we increase sessions up from 3 times a week to 5 and tracked calories & macronutrients to turbocharge results.

We got to work and the results were brilliant…

Dave’s biggest surprise was how much weight he lost but at the same time, he was getting stronger and his body shape now had great muscle definition.

Not only did he drop 4 stone, but he also went from a 40/42 inch waist to a 34/36 inch waist!

Dave now has all the knowledge of how to have a better-balanced diet, still managing to have the odd treat and live a normal life, AND see results.

We asked Dave what would he say to anyone thinking about starting at THQ….

“Just do it as I guarantee it will change your life forever and give you results that you probably would never imagine possible – the results speak for themselves!”

Ready to plan your transformation?

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