Body Fat
and Builds Muscle

Like most blokes across the country, David was a little bit conscious of his weight, health and fitness. He knew he wasn’t in the best of shape and should probably do something about it.

He tried many times before getting into shape but saw little to no progress. Using all sorts of different gym plans and going on boring healthy eating “kicks”, it just never seemed to stick.

Frustrated & totally confused, David decided that it would be easier and quicker to get some professional guidance and support. He wanted some clarity on the best approach to not only losing body fat, but how to maintain the lighter version of himself indefinitely.  

He came to THQ, and started with the 6-week meltdown, which works on better eating habits and how to train in a gym with weights effectively for results.

He saw big body shape changes and loved how simple THQ made the process.

THQ provided easy to follow steps that makes the advice workable in the real world. For example, we now have the NEW 6-week Meltdown Modules. Six eating and training modules that you work through week by week to make getting in shape feel like a breeze.

David loved these step by step processes and loved seeing results.

He wanted to really accelerate results, so he started a 12 week shoot in January 2020. On the shoot, he tracked calories and trained on average 4 times a week for 45 minutes.

He was shown how to track calories and had simple calorie drops throughout his 12 weeks. He was provided with guides, handbooks and a messaging service that he could keep referring back to, meaning he never went off track.

At no point do we ban types of foods and he was still allowed treats, this was doable as we showed him how to fit his treats into his calories.

David built muscle, burnt body fat and became incredibly stronger & fitter in such a short amount of time, around 18 weeks. He now has the knowledge to keep improving his body shape further whilst fitting it into his busy life.

Have you become a little frustrated with your body shape recently?

Wanting a fresh challenge that will keep you motivated?

Or just someone to show you how to lose body fat and be with you all of the way!

Enquire about our limited spaces left for reopen in July, don’t sit on the fence as spaces are going fast and we will have a waiting list soon…


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