THQ Success Story

Dean chisels off 53lbs for this top transformation

Dean has always struggled with his weight and body shape over the years.


Losing it…then gaining it all back again (plus a bit more)


And this cycle got to Dean.


He was pretty much settled on this is how he is meant to be.


Out of shape, unfit and lumbered with a big beer gut.


Not only was he feeling out of shape, but it was also really affecting his confidence levels.


They were at an all-time low, and this created horrible anxiety.


He was at a bit loose end and unsure what he should do to turn it around.


Fortunately, he stumbled across an advert on social media…


“Before starting THQ I was putting on a lot of weight and suffering with bad anxiety and wasn’t really sure on what to do. I saw the advertisement pop up for the 6-week meltdown program and thought to myself I’m going to have a go at this.”


Although he was inspired to join by some of our results…he still had a few doubts…


“One of my main worries coming in was, are people going to stare, are they going to judge, I came in and none of that happened at all, I was just getting myself worked up for absolutely nothing. The more sessions I did the more I became comfortable and the more I started to really enjoy myself!”


Dean began on the starter program that all members kickstart their transformation journeys on, the 6-Week Meltdown.


On the 6-Week Meltdown, we would show Dean how to weight train effectively to get stronger and fitter. He would train 3 times a week for 45 minutes in small groups of no larger than 6 people, and he would have a trainer with him at all times.


He would also follow the THQ meal planner and cookbooks that incinerate body fat.


His assigned personal trainer would check in on him weekly to ensure he was always on track.


It was the personal trainer aspect and always having someone close by with you in sessions that Dean thought helped him progress the most…


“One of the most important things for me was that at every session there is a trainer. So there was never any chance that you could go wrong with the workouts/exercises. They are always there to point you in the right direction. That for me made things a 100x better knowing you are always doing the workouts right and can never really go wrong.”


The 6 weeks flew by, and he stayed on after to continue results. He jumped onto monthly rolling membership where he could enrol on a 12-week shoot when he felt ready.

It was a challenge to get as lean as possible, and he took that challenge head-on.


He still trained the same way but increased sessions up from 3 times a week to 4, then 5 times a week just before his shoot.


He was also shown how to track calories and macronutrients so that he ate an optimal diet that would build muscle and burn body fat…


And we continued to monitor progression with weekly check-ins…the results were jaw-dropping….

Dean with the help of THQ had completely changed the direction his life was going, we are so proud of him and it was all down to his effort and commitment to the plan.


“My life is now changed for the better since joining THQ. I’m now eating better, working out, and really enjoying myself in the process. I feel like since joining, not only have I learned how to weight train properly, I also think everything else is like education as well.


One of the cool things that have happened since joining THQ is I have now got a hell of a lot of my confidence back! And for me that is important and I feel amazing! 


Since joining in November 2021 I’ve lost 8 inches off my waist.


And lost 53.2 pounds in weight so far.

When I first started I was 15 stone 11lbs. 

And now I’m weighing at 12 stone 3 lbs.”


We know Dean’s journey will have inspired others to finally get rid of that beer gut, get back in shape and build back their confidence.


So we asked Dean what would he say to that person?


“Anyone wanting to start THQ I would say don’t hesitate. Get it done. It is the best decision I have ever made.


What I have achieved following the plans and the help and advice that are in place for the shoot at the moment have changed my life and completely transformed my body for the better.”


Ready to turn your body shape and life around? 


Enquire below for more information and in just a few months’ time, you too could be looking & feeling as good as Dean.

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