THQ Success Story

After many failed attempts to get in better shape, Jamie finally achieves it with THQ

Jamie has a job which requires him to be sat in an office all day. On those times he did get a spare minute to think, he dreamt of getting a lean yet muscular body shape.

He soon realised though, being sat down all day staring at his computer was not going to get him there.

Before starting at THQ, Jamie had tried everything in the book. Eating healthy, cardio, going to the gym, but he always ended up a bit underwhelmed & disappointed.

Jamie was often annoyed that he was seeing no visual changes, for a lot of effort that was been put in.

He always put a lot of energy into researching what’s needed to achieve a transformation, reading articles and watching YouTube videos.

Yet he always felt like he was missing a trick with something, and that a bit of help was needed.

Jamie came to THQ after been blown away by the many before and after transformations. With people of all shapes, sizes and ages – but they all seemed to have seen results.

He came in for a no commitment consultation to see how it all worked. Jamie was up front and honest, he told us he wanted something sustainable and a plan that would work in the long term.

The head coach explained the process of how we would get him in shape, and that we used weight training to achieve this.

Jamie had tried a little bit of lifting weights before but not been totally convinced. But he gave it a go anyway as so many people had seen fantastic results, it had to work didn’t it!?

Jamie started on the THQ 6 Week Meltdown, which works on all the basics of training, nutrition and recovery. He really enjoyed this simple structure.

All he had to do was train 3 times a week for 45 minutes and had a trainer with him at all times.

Alongside this, he was given a simple & flexible meal planner to follow, and cookbooks with exciting & tasty recipes that kept meals interesting.

He really enjoyed his start at THQ but had one little niggle in his mind….

“(My)Main concern was me losing motivation like I have done at countless other gyms, but the trainers helped me push through still to this day – motivating me to keep going back”

Jamie loved the support from the trainers, and getting a weekly check in from them really helped his motivation and commitment levels.

The structure of the workouts & the support from trainers (and other members), meant Jamie continued with the plan and stayed on after his 6 week meltdown had finished.

He rolled on to monthly membership, and decided to challenge himself by jumping on to the next available 12 week shoot, which is open to all members at any time.

The 12 week shoot is a more advance version of the 6 week meltdown.

Now we slowly increase training sessions from 3 times a week, up to 4, and then finally 5 times a week before his shoot. A daily step target was also given to keep Jamie active and burning calories.

Alongside this, we became more targeted with his nutrition, giving Jamie a daily calorie target to make sure he was eating for his goals.

And then we got to work.

He was organised, disciplined and structured over the 12 weeks.

He was putting in the effort as always – but now he was seeing results!

We are chuffed at how well Jamie did, and all it took was a few small tweaks to his training and diet.

He says he is now looking in the mirror and no longer feeling disappointed, but prouder of his progression. With a view to improve even more so.

Not only did he transform his body, his mindset improved as well, as he got into a much better headspace. Which then makes the process of maintaining this better-looking body shape so much easier, and something he can use in the long run.

Has Jamie inspired you to get in shape?

Pop in a request to find out more below just like Jamie did not so long ago…..!

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