THQ Success Story

Jamie stripped off the body fat & built muscle

Jamie first came to THQ to build his body. Adding more muscle if possible, but also wanting more confidence, and to become an all-round healthier person.

Jamie wasn’t solely focused on aesthetics; he wanted an improved life.

He had seen some of the before and after results that we had put on social media and it really inspired him to find out more.

It kind of looked a bit too good to be true and he had some apprehensions….

“My main concerns were whether it would actually work and whether I would actually see changes in my body.”

We laid out a path for Jamie.

Were we certain we could help him achieve his goal of building muscle, but we went the opposite way to what Jamie was expecting.

Jamie was under the impression that he needed to eat more food and focus on lifting heavy, with lots of rest in-between sets.

But we knew that we had to get Jamie lean and do a bit of body conditioning and eat correctly for his goals.

Jamie was encouraged to start on the 6 week meltdown to work on all the basics of nutrition, training and recovery. At the same time, taking out some bad habits and replacing them with new better versions.

He started to feel and look better. He was told to focus on good intensity in sessions. His trainers that were with him at all times made sure his form was good, but we lifted with a purpose and lots of drive.

Each week we told him to try progressively improve on his last weeks sessions. Whether that’s getting an extra rep or two, or lifting a heavier weight. We kept challenging his body so that it had to adapt.

In just a few short weeks, Jamie now understood why we focused on intensity and progressive overload – his body AND confidence was now changing for the better. Plus he was enjoying another aspect of coming to THQ….

“I enjoy the connections I feel I’ve made with the staff and other members. I enjoy the scientific side of things and how I continue to learn new ways to improve my health and lifestyle” 

“What made me the happiest was seeing that you can genuinely change the shape of your body and be seriously happy with the way you look if you stay consistent and determined.”

Inspired by the quick results he was achieving on the introduction 6 week meltdown, Jamie wanted to continue and progress even further.

He jumped on the 12 week shoot which is included in monthly rolling membership, as he knew it would challenge him to another level.

We still trained the same with good intensity and form, but slowly increased sessions up from 3 times a week, to 4 sessions a week, then 5 just before his shoot.

Jamie was also given a daily step target, which kept up the calorie burn alongside his intense weight training sessions.

And Jamie was given daily customised calories and macronutrients to eat, he was shown how to correctly do this through videos, modules and weekly Facebook lives.

And the results were brilliant….

Jamie surprised himself on the shoot..

“Knowing that I can dig in, remained disciplined and determined and overcome something that in my opinion is incredibly difficult. The feeling of looking in the mirror or even when wearing clothes and being incredibly pleased with the way I look. The healthy habits that you sort of subconsciously pick up and continue with after as though they are second nature.”

His story doesn’t end there….

“After doing the 12 week shoot I saw tremendous changes and now plan to work hard to maintain them. It’s been an amazing starting point for me on my fitness journey that will most likely continue for the rest of my life now.”

We know that Jamie will inspire other lads that have the skinny fat look, and want to add some muscle. So we asked him what he would say to any of them sitting on the fence about enquiring or starting at THQ…

“I would say don’t under estimate it because it is incredibly difficult. If you’re going to start it make sure you commit and don’t look back. It’s 12 weeks of hard work that you will be pleased about forever. Remember you have amazing coaches there to help you along the way emotionally as well as physically. If you genuinely want to change the way your body looks and you want to be proud of your body through commitment and consistency it actually 100% works!!!”

Are you now ready to be proud of your body looks? Take the hardest step and pop in a request to find out more below……

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