THQ Success Story

Jamie got ripped with the THQ method

At THQ we believe a trainer should look the part and build trust that they know what they are doing.

As part of their interview process, the trainer has to agree to do a 12 week shoot.

This being the exact shoot structure and process that members also complete.

Although new THQ trainers may have been in great shape before, we want them to experience and feel the emotions of being on a 12 week disciplined shoot.

The highs and lows, the times you really have to dig in and stick to the plan, the emotions and frustrations, the pressure to see changes, the happiness as results show.

But more importantly, sticking the whole 12 weeks out.

To complete a 12 week shoot demonstrates that everyone working at THQ believes in the process of weight training and tracking foods, in order to achieve amazing body shape results.

Jamie wasn’t out of shape to begin with, as some would even want his before shape. Yet, he had to be MORE disciplined, organised and committed than most people to get in an extremely lean shape.

The leaner you get, the harder and more frustrating it is to see results.

Before starting at THQ and beginning his THQ 12 week shoot, Jamie had always lifted weights.

This gave Jamie a good amount of muscle on his frame to start with.

Our main task was to hold onto muscle through a high protein diet and resistant training plan, and use his diet to strip off the body fat.

We started Jamie on a decent number of calories which was slowly tapered downwards as the weeks progress.

We also made Jamie continue to lift weights and focus on keeping his strength up in sessions, these training sessions also increased as the 12 weeks progressed, with an aim to complete 5-6 training sessions a week just before his shoot.

We kept Jamie active and gave him a step target to complete each day so that he kept up his calorie burn.

Alongside tracking calories to ensure Jamie was in a daily calorie deficit, whilst also encouraging high protein consumption to protect Jamie’s muscle mass, the fat melted off.

Now this may sound a little complex, but it’s really not, and it’s the exact same process that members who start on a shoot also go through.

The only difference is that we hold the members hand more and guide them through the journey, they will receive a weekly task which they focus on to make sure they are doing everything correctly, without overwhelming them.

A weekly check in from their own assigned personal trainer is provided to assist in any questions they may have.

And a weekly live Q&A is also provided to supply the member with all the support they will ever need.

Our trainers are there to inspire as many others to start a health & fitness transformation.

Has he inspired you to get in touch with us?

Like Jamie’s physique and wouldn’t mind looking similar to him?

But the 12 week shoot still sounds a bit too much to commit to at the moment?

No problem, our 6 Week Meltdown program achieves similar results but with a more simplified plan.

  • Weight train 3 times a week for 45 minutes with a personal trainer with you at all times.
  • Use the easy-to-follow THQ meal planner which teaches you how to structure your meals for results.
  • Yours to keep Fat Loss Recipe cookbooks with exciting tasty meals rather than just chicken, broccoli and rice.
  • Receive weekly modules that supply you with simple tasks that turbo charge your results.
  • Collect a hard copy of the THQ guide which assists you on your 6 & 12 week transformation.
  • Have a weekly check in from your own personal trainer who keeps you on the straight and narrow.

All this for just £99 and a £21 joining fee for new members.

In 6 weeks, you could be up to 1 stone lighter and feeling summer ready!

Ready to plan your summer 2021 transformation?

Enquire for more information on our next intake….6 week meltdown for £99 by clicking here 👉 Find Out More

Not near one of our THQ locations? We have you sorted – Start our 8 week online challenge for just £59, find our more by clicking here 👉 8 Week Online Challenge

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