THQ Success Story

Kyle loses 31 pounds to go from “skinny fat” to lean & muscular.

Kyle had been a regular gym goer for many years.

But it was always lots of hours in the gym for very little reward.

For all the effort he put in, his body never changed, stuck with the “skinny fat” look.

He tried so many different routines and eating plans, that he thought that it would never work for him.

Then he heard about THQ, checked us out & saw that we had changed a lot of people’s body shapes.

Although he thought it was a bit more expensive than his normal gym membership, he could see this was more than a “normal gym”.

Straight away we went into detail on his diet and training.

With his diet, we made sure he was doing the basics correctly by giving him the now famous, THQ meal planner to follow.

And at the same time, we made sure Kyle had a proper training session with weights.

He was amazed at what he could do with just a 45 minute training session, compared to the long winded gym sessions he did on his own at his old gym.

Kyle soon realised why we only do 3 gym sessions a week.

Having a personal trainer with you at all times so Kyle never trained on his own.

After just a few short weeks, Kyle was packing on muscle AND burning body fat.

He really noticed a big difference ……

“Being a regular gym goer over the past few years, I have always paid for gym memberships but never had consistency and so felt that I had wasted my money. THQ is worth every penny! I started noticing results after 6 weeks and I knew that I had made the right choice.”

After completing his 6 week meltdown…he wanted to progress further.

He saw that loads of other members had done a shoot – and wanted to give it a go.

We explained how its more about accountability as we will be taking your photo, and that’s the main reason the shoot works.

He understood and promised us he would be committed to the plan.

We started to track calories and taught Kyle about macronutrients, particularly how it affects how you look and feel.

The dedication Kyle put in was really inspirational, and we were really chuffed with how well he was progressing.

From joining THQ, to his shoot day, Kyle lost 31 pounds! (15 pounds on the 12 week shoot).

You wouldn’t say he had loads to lose at the beginning, but this makes his transformation even more impressive.

What’s going to be useful to Kyle now, is having the confidence of knowing how to prep meals, track calories and train hard.

Whys that important?

Because he can live a normal life.

With only having to train 3 times a week for 45 minutes, it doesn’t gobble up all his free time.

AND he knows how to include treats and cheats in his diet, so food won’t be boring.

As he absorbed and applied all the knowledge of how to get in shape.

He now has the confidence to stay that way.

Kyle was the person who was sitting on the fence.

Not sure whether to enquire about starting.

Let him convince you it will be a decision you will never regret.

“Stop thinking about it and get it done. You will never look back and know from day 1 that you will have made the right choice!”

The continuous support from the trainers and the variety of workouts. You never get bored!

I find that I am always learning and am astonished at what I can achieve and how I can take my body to the limit to achieve my desired result”

Ready to plan your 2021 transformation?

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