THQ Success Story

Liam started lifting weights to build muscle whilst burning body fat

Liam had almost given up hope of having a great physique.

Too many naughty weekends, bad habits and lack of time in the gym left Liam with the classic “skinny fat” body shape most men have.

He still tried getting in the gym, but he didn’t train that well and always took the easy option.

He also had another little problem…

Assuming that one workout was an excuse for a poor weekend eating or drinking”

And most people do this, have a great workout and then reward themselves for going to the gym, but undoing all that hard work.

There was a mindset reframe needed with his relationship with exercise.

He also knew that he had to control his weekend splurges & eat healthier, but didn’t want to eat boringly.

Liam didn’t want to live off chicken and veg every day, he still wanted to live a normal life.

The big issue now though was that he was adding more body fat & his energy was starting to tank as well, so he had one more go at getting in shape.

He had seen some of the results that Transformation HQ had produced with “normal” people who looked similar to himself.

Liking the idea of training with weights whilst the THQ trainers helped him with his nutrition, he was interested but still had concerns.

He was Worried that everyone would have great bodies, know exactly what they were doing and would wonder what I was doing in their gym. Not really knowing what to do with free weights in the gym.”

But he was determined to change, so he popped in a request to find out more and came down to a no-commitment consultation to see what it was all about.

Soon the head coach had put his mind at ease.

He was told how it all worked, how we got him results and he saw a bit of the training we did. In those sessions, he saw that it was just normal people who were being shown what to do and coached at all times.

At Transformation HQ, all sessions are no larger than 6 people at one time, meaning we can focus on your form so that it’s safe, but keep up the intensity & effectiveness of the 45-minute sessions.

To get in top shape, he just had to complete 3 x 45-minute sessions and follow the meal planner & cookbooks supplied by THQ.

His trainer checked in with him every week to ensure he was on track and that he saw changes.

This was the fastest he had ever seen changes to his body shape and he was getting stronger and fitter at the same time.

Fully fired up, Liam wasn’t going to stop.

He continued after his 6 weeks had been completed and then took it up another level.

Liam jumped on the next available 12-week shoot which is included in the monthly rolling membership.

The 12-week shoot is a slightly more advanced version of the 6-week meltdown.

On the shoot, he increased sessions up from 3 to 5 times a week, increased his daily step target and was shown how to track his calories and macronutrients.

This was his simple plan and we supplied weekly modules with tasks and instructions to ensure he always had a strategy.

The results were fantastic…

He burnt off body fat and built muscle, and his stats back this up.

“Lost around 5kg since joining in September, around 3.5kg on the shoot. Lost 3 inches on my waist but gained inches on my chest and legs, clothes no longer fit!!!”

Even better still, he had now repaired and improved his mindset with going to the gym and now no longer rewarding himself with treats.

(I am) More conscious of my diet, and realise that one bad day doesn’t need to lead to a bad week. Genuinely enjoying healthy food, keeping a lot of the habits such as drinking water and trying to get as high a step count as possible. Making small changes can have a huge impact on your result without completely taking over your life.”

He is now getting nice comments and compliments from people he hasn’t seen in a while, which is a fantastic sign of progression.

Liam’s confidence levels have gone through the roof and he is so proud of how much stronger he has got in the gym.

We asked Liam what would he say to anyone who was thinking about finding out more as he did a few months ago….

“Go along to the induction and try the 6-week meltdown, listen to the coaches and give 100%. You’ll get out what you put in, most of the hard work for the shoot is done outside the gym”

 If Liam has fired you up to ditch the skinny fat or dad bod….just enter your details below and we will send over a little more information!

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