Mark Discovered How To Ditch The Beer Belly

Mark discovered that he needed guidance, support and advice to ditch the beer belly.

Mark is a joiner and was under the impression that being a tradesman would be enough to stay in shape.

This may have been the case when he was very young.

But as the years rolled on by, he noticed his body shape was starting to look for the worse.

He wasn’t able to control his body shape, and the classic “dad bod” beer belly was showing.

He also didn’t feel as fit and strong as he once did.

Mark knew something needed to change in order for him to enjoy life to the full again.

But he didn’t want to go to a gym and just eat chicken and rice.

The thought of having to prep meals and follow a strict weight lifting plan sounded a right faff.

It was starting to get a tad overwhelming, as he believed that eating healthy and lifting weights wouldn’t do much for him. But he kept hearing & seeing that’s what you need to do to get in shape, he thought maybe that’s just for the young folk?!

He never even been in the gym before so was expecting it to take ages as he learnt the ropes.

Research and asking if he was doing everything correct.

Imagining that they wouldn’t be much help in a normal gym, that he would be wasting his time….he was feeling pretty low.

But he still had the body that wasn’t looking very healthy, and he was ready to take action to make it change.

He saw some of the results we were putting out at THQ, and some of the results were men his size and shape. He was surprised at how quickly they changed their body shapes, and decided that’s what he needs to do – get specialised help.

At first, Mark was like “what the hell is all of this, this sounds totally foreign to me” and was struggling to get his head around it all.

From dealing with thousands of members, we could see that it was getting a bit too much for Mark.

So, we simplified the process as much as we could.

We took small steps and changes that we knew would drastically change his body shape.

We were also making him eat carbs, he could eat treats if he wanted, only had to train 3 times a week for 45 minutes.

Mark was thinking “this isn’t going to work – NO WAY!”

But he stuck to the plan, as so many others had done it before and had attained superb results.  

And then it clicked…..

Each week, he noticed change.

He was getting stronger, fitter and more importantly – leaner.

And he kept seeing changes each week.

He stuck to the plan laid out to him by THQ, and he was chuffed of what he could do in such a short amount of time.

He has gone from the “skinny fat dad bod” look to “lean and athletic” look.

It’s a true testament to Mark’s dedication that he believed in the process and stuck to the plan.  

Such devotion that the results were just rewards.

He now feels empowered that he has the knowledge to stay in shape whilst still living a “normal” life.

Have the years been creeping on you recently?

Thought the dad body was cool at first but starting to get you down?

Take action like Mark did and enquire about our next available 6-week challenge intake – just £99! Enter details below

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