THQ Success Story

Mark loses over 4 stone in 19 weeks to ditch the “Dad Bod”

Mark is a father to a young child, and he was determined to change his “dad bod” shape.

From starting at THQ in August to his photo shoot below in December – Mark chiselled off 4 stone. Also losing a nice 4 inches from the waist.

This was from completing a few tough workouts sessions at THQ but the main reason for his success was his drive.

Having had a young child, losing his fitness routine and 2020 lockdowns made Mark realise something had to change.

“I really needed to get into shape, I’ve always kept relatively fit until my son was born 4 years ago. Since then, my routine went out of the window and I’ve gradually been putting weight on since. The first lockdown in March/April did me no favours at all, and at the end of the lockdown I weighed in at a whopping 17 stone 1, the heaviest I’d ever been.”

Mark knew he needed a bit of support and guidance if he was to see results, so he started his gym research.

“With living between Stoke-on-Trent and leek I’ve got a really good choice of gyms, and having a good look at most of them THQ seemed to get the best results.”

THQ explained to Mark how we will get him to drop the scale weight and feel good again. What came as a surprise was the way we dealt with members.

“What surprised me the most was how much of a personal service you get from all the trainers. It makes you feel a real part of THQ.

I didn’t really have any concerns; I know that if I gave 100% then I’d get results. After my consultation I knew that no one would judge me at all even if I wasn’t up to scratch with the sessions etc. From day 1 you’re made to feel welcome.”

Mark started on our 6 week meltdown program. We worked on the basics of nutrition and training, keeping it simple and easy to follow.

As Mark went through the weeks and completed his weekly modules which guided him through his transformation, he felt and looked so much better.

He didn’t want to stop after the 6 weeks so he continued by enrolling onto the next available 12 week shoot, which is included in membership at THQ.

Mark realised that the shoot turbo charges results because we take his photo at the end, meaning he will have to stick to the plan.

Over the 4 months from start to photo, we taught Mark how to eat for his goals, without banning a single thing.

He completed on average 4 training sessions a week that lasted for 45 minutes, meaning he didn’t have to give up all of his free time to be in the gym.

And whilst on the 12 week shoot, we showed Mark how to track calories and macronutrients, so that he can maintain his brilliant new body shape for the long term.

And boy – did he change shape.

We are so proud of how hard Mark worked and what he achieved.

He demonstrates that if you stick to the plan and go “all in” – you can completely change your body shape to look stronger, fitter and healthier in a very short amount of time.

And to have a lockdown the month before your shoot shows that it’s not an excuse to not get in shape – as Mark has proved everyone otherwise.

We asked Mark what he would say to anyone he has inspired about starting at THQ, his response was simple;

No sitting on the fence required, just go for it.”

Mark demonstrates that lockdowns don’t stop a transformation, it’s all in the attitude.

Jump onto the 6 Week Meltdown intake starting on 1st Feb 2021 and complete virtual sessions like Mark did and still is doing.

Follow the 6 week modules and stick with the plan – you too soon could ditch the dad bod and be in as great shape as Mark.

Ready to plan your 2021 transformation?

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