THQ Success Story

Martin builds an incredible body after losing 20lbs

Martin was becoming ever more conscious of his body shape and health.

His appearance, health and fitness had really slipped and it was going in the wrong direction even more so.

He felt sluggish, no energy and the pounds & inches just kept creeping on.

Mentally, he wasn’t feeling the most positive. This only made him feel worse, which made him continue to make the wrong choices & decisions.

Martin knew that this couldn’t continue and did something about it.

He had seen some of the results that THQ had put on social media. Recognising some of the male before photos as himself now.

Those males had transformed their body shapes completely, and they looked the same age, and had the same excuses Martin had been convincing himself with.

Yet, these lads now looked stronger, powerful, healthier and fitter. This was enough for Martin to put in a find out more request. Within a few short weeks, he was having a consultation with the head coach.

Martin still wasn’t sure if it would work for him. Was he too old? Not fit enough? Would it be full of young lads?

He really wanted the results so gave it ago any way.

After his first session he knew that he had found the correct place….

He loved the friendly nature of all other members, supporting one another and cheering each other on.

The trainers immediately took full control of Martin’s path, as they could see the route he needed to go down.

Martin started on the 6 Week Meltdown, where he was shown how to weight train properly with good form and intensity. He only needed to come in 3 times a week for 45 minutes, meaning that he didn’t have to spend endless hours in the gym.

Martin was told to follow the simple yet effective THQ meal planner and cookbooks, which provided Martin with lots of food, that energised him and kept him satiated.

This simple path laid out to him by the THQ trainers was enough to see results fairly quickly.

He was dropping pounds & inches, getting stronger & fitter, and mentally – he felt so much more positive and upbeat.

This simple routine of just training in the gym 3 times a week and following a simple & flexible meal plan, was something Martin was going to continue.

His results continued and his next steps were to jump on a 12 week shoot. An advanced version of the 6 week meltdown, which is included in monthly rolling membership.

The only difference on the shoot, was that Martin would slowly increase sessions from 3 times a week, up to 5 times as the 12 weeks progressed. And that he would now track calories so that we could be more targeted and efficient with his nutrition.

And that was it, simple – but it still required Martin to be dedicated, disciplined and work hard.

But the body shape and weight loss results were the huge dividend at the end.

Martin has now turn his health and appearance around, radically changing his body shape by dropping 5 inches off his stomach, 3 inches off his waist and 20lbs in weight!

It doesn’t stop here though; Martin loves his new routine and how it makes him feel. He is aiming to lose another 18lbs which we know he will achieve.

We are certain he will achieve it as he told us he has the “Knowledge and control of what I’m eating, consistency of exercise, and knowing I can actually do it.”

We asked Martin what he would say to anyone who was sitting on the fence about joining THQ like he was doing…

“Let me take you by the hand and lead you into the gym to join, you will never look back, it will with the right approach change your life”

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