THQ Success Story

Matt burns off 19lbs to achieve this incredible transformation

Matt has an active job and has always worked hard & for long hours, this kept him in fairly good shape.

But he just didn’t have that eye-catching physique that he would expect for all the effort he put in at his job working on the farm.

Matt soon realised that he would need to get into the gym if he was going to see any changes to his body shape.

But where to start?

Matt had never even stepped foot in a gym before.

Even the thought of going into the gym for the first time was putting him off from starting.

Yet, he knew he had to do it, so he searched for a gym that had more support and a personal training ethos.

“I wanted to get fitter, stronger and lose my beer belly but I had no idea where to start, I had never stepped foot in a gym before.

I was worried just at the thought of going to a gym as I was such a newbie to it but everyone, staff and other customers were so friendly.” 

At THQ, we have normal local people just wanting to get in shape, quite often many people you know from your local community.

We spoke to Matt and explained that we would work on all the basics to begin, and use the introductional 6 Week Meltdown program.

We would train him 3 times a week for 45 minutes using the THQ transformation sessions which are full body weight training workouts.

He would also follow our meal planner and cookbooks that made him eat 3 times a day and he even got to have a snack AND eat carbs!

And this was his simple plan.

Soon he was really enjoying his training, he had more energy, was getting fitter & stronger and his body shape was changing.

Matt was now finally seeing rewards for the amount of effort he was putting in.

As we worked with him in sessions to always maintain good form, we progressively added weight to his lifts and his body reacted.

He started to build muscle and burn off body fat.

Matt loved this fast progression and kept at his training and following his meal planner after his 6 weeks had finished.

His next steps were to jump on a 12-week shoot program, which is included in the monthly rolling membership at Transformation HQ.

During the 12-week shoot, we take it up another level.

He still weight trained and followed our meal planner, but now we would get a little more advanced with our techniques.

We slowly increased training sessions up from 3 times a week to 4, and then 5 times a week just before his shoot.

He was encouraged to keep getting stronger on his lifts, but always with good form which was monitored by a personal trainer at all times.

Matt was also shown how to track calories and macronutrients. He was a little unsure at first but soon realised that it only took him 5-10 minutes each day to complete.

But this extra effort and recording of food turbo charged his results.

He was still building muscle, getting stronger, fitter and melting fat away.

The problem beer belly area that he had been stuck with had transformed completely.

He now has the rippled washboard abs that he used to see on billboards, which he never thought he would be able to achieve.

Over the 12-week shoot, Matt lost 19lbs yet looks extremely more impressive.

“I am a lot fitter, stronger, and more confident in my appearance and it has made my job easier by being a lot stronger, so this is reflected in my work (active outside job).  

I’ve made plenty of new friends and feel part of the THQ family.”

We asked Matt what would he say to anyone who is thinking about joining or enquiring about starting at Transformation HQ.

“Go for it, if you give 100% you will get 110% back.”

Are you sick of having the beer belly grow ever larger year on year like Matt used to?

Enquire below and we will send you a little bit more information on how we can help you.

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