THQ Success Story

Neal’s incredible transformation helped him become stronger, fitter & healthier

Neal’s body shape & health was not where he wanted it to be. He was piling on the pounds & inches, and his fitness had dropped off a cliff.

Neal had always thought he was fairly fit & healthy, but every time he caught a glance in the mirror or jumped on the scales, this told him otherwise.

With a young family to inspire, Neal decided that he wanted to get in great shape, be fit & stronger to set a good example.

Yet he knew from past experience, that doing it on his own never worked. He knew that some professional advice, support and accountability was needed.

After hearing some good things about THQ & seeing some of our before and after photos, Neal decided that we could help him & that he would give it ago.

We explained to Neal how it all worked and laid out a simple plan for him to follow.

He started on the 6 Week Meltdown, which all new members start on. It shows you how to do all the basics with food, training and recovery correctly.

He simply had to train 3 times a week for 45 minutes – with a training plan designed around lifting weights so no boring cardio was needed.

He also had to follow a simplified meal planner – which structured his day to have 3 meals and he even was allowed a snack each day.

We also worked on sleep, stress and hydration outside of the gym, so that all the boxes were ticked to maximise results.

Neal started to see changes with his body shape, he was losing pounds and inches quicker than expected. His strength, fitness and energy levels were improving week on week as well.

He didn’t want this progress to stop, so he continued on after his 6 week meltdown on to our monthly rolling membership.

Within our monthly membership, members are encouraged to jump onto a 12 week shoot. The shoot is not about vanity and having your photo taken, its main purpose is to add a little more accountability & make you stick to the plan.

On the 12 week shoot, we slowly increased training sessions from 3 times a week up to 4, then 5 sessions a week just before his shoot.

We also gave Neal individualised daily calorie and macronutrient targets, at first this seemed overwhelming to Neal, but we showed him how easy it was to do so that it took no more than 5 minutes of his day.

Neal was given a daily step target so that he didn’t have to do hours and hours of cardio. He could include his daily step target into his normal schedule so that it seemed as if he was doing no extra sessions.

To assist Neal, we delivered weekly modules to him. In each of these modules, there was a video and detailed instructions to make sure he was always doing things with his nutrition and training correctly.

And to back this up, he was assigned his very own personal trainer who checked in with him weekly via our coaching app to assist with anything he needed.

The 12 weeks flew by for Neal and he enjoyed the challenge. He was excellent in terms of listening to his coaches’ instructions, applying all the knowledge we were providing him, and the results really demonstrate this….

Neal now is a stronger, fitter, healthier person who is a leading example to his family.

Have you been neglecting your body shape and health the last few years?

Don’t dare look in the mirror or jump on the scales?

Take action like Neal and pop in a request to find out more about 2022 places….

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