THQ Success Story

Pat chiselled off the man boobs and beer gut

Patrick was not much of a gym goer.

He first came to THQ to lose the man boobs and beer gut.

A few too many years of eating the wrong foods and lack of proper training, had made Patrick’s body shape change for the worse.

He knew he couldn’t continue this way, and decided he wanted to make a change. He said he wanted “to look good with his trousers tucked in”.

And this is an important point to make. Not everyone looks out of shape, but still needs to act.

Pat’s body shape in clothing would not be deemed overweight, but some fat accumulation around the midsection can still make you feel uncomfortable…especially when sat down.

His first steps were to look for people who knew what they were talking about, particularly when talking about getting in shape.

He saw THQ and the results we were putting out, for body shapes of all sizes. Pat knew that he had to give it a go with THQ.

Starting with the introductional program called the 6 Week Meltdown. On this, we worked on all the basics.

To sort his nutrition, we gave Pat the THQ meal planner which organised his daily meals to be more optimal for fat burning. Alongside this to provide plenty of variety, we supplied Pat with 6 fat loss recipe books to make meals fun, tasty and something he looked forward to.

To sort his training, we introduce Pat into weight training slowly. On the 6 week meltdown, all he needed to do was three 45 minute training sessions a week, he had a trainer with him at all times so he never trained alone. Working with a trainer in small groups provided THQ the opportunity to teach Pat how to train effectively for results.

He was concerned that he would struggle to stick to the program and that he may drop out before he saw any change.

This was not the case, he actually became a little bit addicted to his training program and could not wait to get back in the gym.

He was getting fitter, stronger and leaner as the weeks passed on by.

Pat found his food tasty and meals were something to look forward to. He could use the THQ cookbooks to find meals that were exciting, warming, belly filling but were low in calories.

Wanting to progress even further, his next steps were to jump onto the next available 12 week shoot (included in monthly membership)

Our aim with Pat was to build muscle in the gym, and make the body healthier with a nutritious diet that would strip off the body fat.

From here, we taught Pat how to track calories and macronutrients. It seemed slightly overwhelming at first but he soon discovered, it took no more than 5 minutes each day.

Whilst learning about tracking, we slowing increased training sessions from 3 a week up to 4, then 5 a week just before his shoot.

Even with a lockdown towards the end of his shoot which resulted in him using our video coaching at home session, he did so brilliantly well in such a short amount of time.

And as you can see, his body shape changed hugely. He burnt body fat and built muscle to give the upper body a much better look.

Bigger arms and shoulders but a narrow waist was the reward for all of Pat’s hard work in the gym & kitchen.

Now he started to look good, he was also feeling good. Better energy, fitter and stronger and found tracking calories quite easy.

Whilst doing the 12 week shoot, he managed to drop from a 34 inch waist to a 32 inch and chiselled off 13lbs.

This is impressive as he has built muscle and probably burnt more body fat that the scales suggest.

We asked Pat what would he say to someone thinking about joining…

“Try it, no pressure just go with the flow”

Are you sick of ever-growing man boobs and beer gut?

Enquire about our 6 week meltdown just like Pat did and soon you too could be the one who looks good when the shirt is tucked in!

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