THQ Success Story

Paul drops 3 stone without having to do a single bit of cardio

Paul realised that he needed to make a change. He wanted to become healthier, fitter and stronger – and at the same time, lose a few inches and pounds.

But he hated the thought of having to do cardio.

However, he had heard and seen the work we were doing at THQ and decided to give it a go.

“I started with THQ as I was overweight and hated cardio training and running. So the strength based training appealed to me.”

We knew that Paul would succeed as he was ready to make the change!

Meaning he had made a commitment to himself, to improve his training & nutrition and go “all in”.

No dipping his toes in.

He wanted to improve his body shape and quality of life.

Paul was not in control of his diet, and his clothes weren’t fitting too well.

Paul has a young family and a job that takes up quite a lot of his time. He knew that to see a change in a reasonable amount of time, he was going to need some help.

Paul went through our introduction program The 6 Week Meltdown.

This taught Paul all the basics of nutrition, training and recovery.

This means just following the THQ meal planner for structure and discipline.

Turning up for 3 transformation sessions a week.

And opening up weekly modules to make sure he was doing everything else (water, sleep, stress etc) correctly.

It seemed fairly straight forwards to Paul, and soon he started to see the pounds & inches fall away, but also started to feel energetic & strong again.

“Having structured sessions that I had to book onto and commit to made sure I kept going, and I built the 3 weekly sessions into my routine around work commitments and a young family. Having the choice of early morning, daytime or evening sessions meant I was able to always complete the three sessions.”

He loved his gym time that much, he started our now famous 12 Week Shoot.

“After seeing some weight loss and gaining strength I committed to the shoot, both to see how far I could push myself and also to see how being on top of my diet would increase results. 
The results were amazing and kept improving over the 12 weeks which gave me motivation to see it through and push myself to the end shoot day.”

The shoot isn’t about vanity.

It’s about accountability.

The 12-week shoot gives you the start and end date that most people need.

And there is nothing better at making you stick to a plan than us taking your photo at the end.

No kidding us or yourselves.

Paul found the whole shoot process fairly straightforward.

Still training in the gym as he did on the 6 week meltdown.

But rather than following the THQ meal planner, he tracked calories and was taught about macronutrients.

The results were outstanding.

Even more outstanding when Paul had to deal with his THQ being closed for lockdown, meaning quite a few of his workouts were done from home.

Paul not only blasted off the body fat – he built more muscle.

His stats back this up….

He went from a size 36 jean size to a 32, yet at same time, his arms grew by 2 inches.

Giving him a strong and powerful body shape & making his clothes fit better again.

Do you feel like you need a bit of guidance and support to “shortcut” getting in shape?

Register your interest in our next in house and online intake, and let us explain how we will get you there.

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