THQ Success Story

Rick loses 58lbs for this incredible transformation

A busy lifestyle, getting a bit older and poor diet choices had started to make Rick add on a few too many pounds and inches.

He noticed that he was getting a little out of shape but put it to one side.

But then, with the lockdowns and lack of activity, he noticed that his clothes were now a little too snug.

And he was just lacking in any energy.

He knew he had to make a drastic change.

It was about time he got fitter, stronger and lost the dad bod.

He knew that he would have to get in that gym but didn’t want to be wasting time and doing the incorrect things.

Rick wanted fast results and also realised that he would need help with his diet as well.

The solution was to look for a personal trainer and one that had helped others get in great shape.

Upon his search for local trainers, he discovered Transformation HQ and checked out the results.

There were loads of other lads that looked about the same age & size as himself, but now looked a lot more athletic, leaner and stronger.

He popped in a request to find out more, and soon he was invited down to a no-commitment consultation.

The head coach laid out the plan…he was to start on the 6-week meltdown.

On the 6 week meltdown, we would get him doing all the basics with training, nutrition and recovery correctly.

Training 3 times a week with a trainer at all times, following the Transformation HQ meal planner and cookbooks, and checking in with his trainer each week.

Soon, he was seeing results.

All just from training with weights, eating plenty of food and listening to his trainer’s advice.

Loving this fast progression, once his 6 week meltdown had finished, he jumped onto a 12-week shoot which is included in the monthly rolling membership.

Not too sure at first believing it may be a bit vain, but soon realised it was more about the accountability of sticking to the plan.

He liked the idea of the challenge to see what he could do in just 12 weeks.

We slowed increased training sessions up from 3 a week to 4, then 5 times a week just before his shoot.

He was also shown how to track his calories and macronutrients to really laser target fat loss but keep him strong in the gym.

And we got to work, 12 weeks later, the results were incredible.

He was impressed at what he achieved, not only visually, but proving to himself how mentally resilient he is.

Pushing himself in the gym, being disciplined with his diet, all areas he thought he couldn’t improve, but now fully understands & finds second nature.

We were so impressed at how well Rick did and we now see a healthier, happier, stronger, fitter & leaner Rick.

We asked Rick what would he say to anyone who is thinking about starting at Transformation HQ….

‘Go for it. It’s the best thing I’ve done in a long time.”

Are you ready to make that drastic change?

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