THQ Success Story

Wagon driver Sam built muscle & dropped fat

Being on the road all the time is not great for a body shape.

Sat down most of the time, whilst eating high calorie foods is a recipe for disaster.

Sam was smart enough to realise that he couldn’t be like other wagon drivers, and made sure he went to the gym when he could.

He trained and trained, yet he still didn’t see any changes with his body shape.

Sam couldn’t add any more time in the gym as he was on the road all the time. 

At a bit of a loss, Sam nearly gave up on himself.

Fortunately, he heard that at THQ, they had got all sorts of people into great shape.

Even wagon drivers!

He put his faith and body shape in the expert hands of the trainers at THQ.

It only took a few months for us to get Sam the body shape he craved so much.

See the thing is, with male transformations, the end picture looks like the male is bigger.

And this is down to being lean.

The leaner you are – the bigger you look without your T-shirt on.

Crazy right, but those lads you seen on holiday absolutely jacked, are a lot lighter than you think.

We explained this process to Sam and he seemed a bit sceptical, as he believed he needed to lift heavier and get bigger, but he gave our approach a go anyway.

As he has been trying to build muscle and looked ripped for such a long time on his own, he knew a different approach was needed.

To start with, we just straightened out his diet, by giving him the THQ meal planner. Which eradicated some bad habits and replaced them with good habits plus better structure into his nutrition.

Sam was advised on how to prep meals for simplicity and how to make that work if you’re in a wagon all day.

With Sam’s training, we only asked him to train 3 times a week for 45 minutes to begin with.

This was great for his work schedule as it didn’t demand too much time, and he could jump on the late evening sessions after his shift had finished.

This was a great display of dedication and work effort. To be up early and do a long shift on the road, Sam still made the effort to get in the gym when he could have just gone home.

We are all busy, but the ones who succeed get the “im too busy” excuse out of their head and get to work. It’s hard some weeks, but the rewards at the end are too great to miss out on if you just put a bit more effort into planning your day.

We slowly increased sessions from 3 up to 4 a week, and then for a few weeks before his shoot, 5 sessions a week which lasted no more than 45 minutes.

Because we slowly increased them, it was easy for Sam to adapt them into his work life.

Whilst we slowly increased training sessions, we also got Sam to record his calories. This allowed Sam to fit foods into his diet that were suitable to carry around in a wagon all day.

As the weeks progressed, we slowly lowered his calorie target to really start stripping back body fat.

Sam saw the progression and felt his clothes were getting baggier. This was harder for Sam to understand as he felt like he was shrinking away.

But when we got Sam to buy better fitting smaller clothes, he looked huge! Bigger than before he started, because he had much better definition from building more muscle and burning back body fat.

Sam now understood how lads look jacked and ripped when tops were off. This made him push harder with his training sessions and stick to his diet more so.

The hard work certainly paid off and Sam was buzzing on the day of his shoot.

Do you have a job where you are sat on your arse all day? Want to look more jacked but not sure where to start?

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