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Tim Transforms His Health After Losing 38lbs

Tim walked into Transformation HQ not in the best condition, in his own words Overweight, probably obese (16st 1lb), with high cholesterol”.

His weight had pretty much hit the highest it had ever been, his fitness levels had tanked and he had excess fat all over his body – his stomach being an area he seemed to really hold it.

Lockdowns really hadn’t helped, he used to play 5-a-side football but since this was no longer permitted, his body reacted by piling on the pounds and inches.

Not only this, he just didn’t seem right… “I didn’t feel ‘well’…”

Tim knew that this couldn’t go on any longer, but also felt like he had a mountain to climb, and had no idea where he should be starting.

He knew that he needed to get in the gym, and that he also needed his diet looking at.

So, a personal trainer seemed the best plan.

He had heard at Transformation HQ you get trained in a small group personal training set up.

This seem perfect for Tim as a trainer would be making sure he was doing everything correctly, so he went and checked out our results.

Inspired by the before & after’s, he popped in a request to find out more.

He spoke to the head coach who explained how it all worked and how we would get him results.

Tim liked the idea of weight lifting to get in shape but he still had some reservations…

“ I’ve never weight trained before. Didn’t know what I was doing and how to train properly. I was apprehensive if it would work.

I was 53yrs old when I joined, I was concerned I might injure myself – irreparably.”

Tim was right to have concerns, as weight lifting is a skill…and it needs to be taught.

A lot of people will go into a gym, throw a few heavy weights around & hope for the best, this usually leads to no results and a few injuries to go with it.

But seeing how he would always have a trainer with him at all times when he was in the gym, this gave Tim the confidence to go for it.

He started on the introductional THQ 6 Week Meltdown program. On this he would train 3 times a week for 45 minutes and follow THQ’s nutritional meal planner and cookbooks.

Tim followed weekly modules explaining what he should be doing and received a check in each week from his own assigned personal trainer.

Soon, he was surprising himself.

He was getting stronger, fitter and the inches & pounds were starting to melt away.

Not only this, he was starting to feel “well” again, more energy and focus.

He really didn’t want this to stop so he enrolled onto monthly membership after his 6 week meltdown had completed.

On the monthly membership, members can enrol onto a 12 week shoot.

Although at first he wasn’t too sure if the shoot was for him, he went for it anyway as it sounded like a challenge and he thought he would learn a thing or two.

The 12 week shoot is simply a more advanced version of the 6 week meltdown, we take training sessions up from 3 times a week to 4, then 5 just before a shoot.

And we also teach members how to track calories and macronutrients.

THQ will assist the member to follow the plan as close as we can and we get to work.

The results Tim achieved were fantastic…

“I’ve lost 2 stone 9lbs in 11 months (38lbs). I’ve lost 3 inches off my waist. I’ve lost much more unhealthy fat than that and added healthy muscle. On the shoot, I lost 1 stone 5lbs.”

But its not just about pounds & inches, there is more to a transformation and Tim noticed this too…

“It has been amazing. Life style change forever. Improved diet, improved health, improved well-being. I feel 10yrs younger and my body transformation has gone beyond what I thought possible.

Doing the shoot has enabled me to understand more about how the body works and how to make changes that deliver body transformations – and a sense of improved well-being and achievement.”

What’s even better, others were also starting to notice the difference in Tim…

“I work mainly from home so my colleagues haven’t seen me for some time other than on conference calls. Many didn’t know I was attending THQ. As the restrictions have lifted and we are returning to the office I had many ‘wow’ and ‘congratulations’ comments on my transformation.”

Tim now has all the knowledge to not only get this fitter, stronger and leaner version of himself, he has also been taught how not to lose it….

“One of the really important things for me is being able to lose weight at a pace that I’ve felt comfortable with. I wanted to make the life style changes, the habits to lose weight, gain fitness and stay that way rather than ‘bounce-back’ to being heavy again. I’ve done this with the amazing support from the trainers.”

We know Tim will have inspired someone reading this to start with us, so we asked him what would he say to you…

“Just do it. Try the 6 week challenge and commit to it. It will work. You may have apprehensions and doubts, we all do. Talk to the amazing trainers they help you, they will understand you and support you on your journey. Also, every member in THQ started somewhere and there’s no pressure, no uncomfortableness, and there’s very much a supportive friendly environment.

After the 6 week challenge, keep committing and your transformation will happen and you may be surprised on how far you can go and how well you’ll feel.”

Is it time that you started to invest in yourself?

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