THQ Success Story

Tom drop 63lbs to reveal this fitter looking body

Tom was always hesitant to walk into a gym due to not feeling the part, but now feels as confident as ever!

Tom has been on an uplifting journey at THQ.

Before starting, he had got in a bit of a rut.

He felt that he had let himself completely go and was slightly embarrassed of how he looked.

Knowing he needed to get active, but just the thought of walking into a gym made Tom feel horrible.

Then he saw THQ, the local small group personal training gym.

He thought that would be more friendly due to its small membership base, but he still worried..

Would everyone be looking at me? Would they laugh at me trying? Are they all going to be ripped?

Tom needn’t have worried.

Straight away he was looked after and we explained to Tom what the journey to getting into shape was going to look like.

My fears were put to rest by the coaches and other members. Everyone was really accommodating and helpful.”

Tom came to us to just lose a bit of fat and become healthier.

He has since come a long way since that first day of walking through the door at THQ leek.

Not only did he “just lose a bit of fat and become healthier”, he went a lot further!

He got shredded and built muscle at the same time.

He has transformed his body by being taught how to eat and exercise for not only body shape, but to keep Tom feeling healthy and like a young 20 year old again.

THQ made the process seem simple and laid the road map out for him, he loves how much time and attention each member is shown. This is his favourite part of THQ…

“The care of the coaches, I was blown away by the time they spent correcting form, encouraging me and advising me on how to improve. All whilst not putting any pressure on. Really great concept. Also the other members want to help and encourage you.”

During his shoot, Tom had a lockdown to deal with as his THQ location was closed down. This was no problem for us as we jumped straight to virtual at home coaching sessions.

We ensured Tom’s progress didn’t stop or slow down because of a lockdown, we made sure he had all the tools, knowledge and support to keep training from home effectively.

As you can see – since joining THQ, Tom has completely transformed his body shape.

In fact, he has lost an incredible 63 pounds from starting THQ to his shoot you see below.

Going from a size 38 waist to a size 30!

Tom now feels so much healthier, fitter and stronger and now knows how to eat and train to maintain this much fitter looking body shape. He now loves to eat better and understands that just 3 THQ sessions a week is all it takes to look as great as he does.

We asked Tom, what advice do you have for anyone out there who is a little unsure about trying a 6 week meltdown….

“Don’t sit on the fence, this isn’t just a gym where you rock up as a faceless member. Coaches and team want you to improve, they understand you individually and work with you to get better. The members too are different than in other gyms, they’ve been on the journey and have loads of help and advice and support you all the way.”

Don’t keep sitting on the fence and join the many others finding out more about our February intake. Start the virtual coaching sessions Tom is now doing to keep this great body shape.

Ready to plan your 2021 transformation?

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