THQ Success Story

Tom needed to get fitter and stronger for a new job role

Tom came to THQ as he needed a bit of assistance, as he was applying for a role in the fire service.

The problem was that he hadn’t really trained in a gym much before, and wasn’t so sure how to improve.

As he was, he didn’t have the correct fitness, strength and was a bit out of shape.

Tom knew that he would need a bit of support and advice, to get him the fittest and strongest he had ever been.

He popped in a find out more request to see if we could help, and within a few minutes of speaking with us – Tom knew this was the place for him.

We explained to Tom that training with weights 3 times a week for 45 minutes, whilst been shown how to eat correctly, that he would smash his goals in no time.

He liked the sound of the support and gave it a go, but he still had a little apprehension about training with others…

“Not ever been in a group session was a bit daunting, but after my first session I really enjoyed it and definitely found I got more out of the session having the trainers keeping me going”

Tom first started on the 6-Week Meltdown, which builds in good habits with training and nutrition, and takes out quite a few bad habits that we knew were holding Tom back.

In his three 45-minute training sessions, we kept Tom training with good form but really ramped up his intensity. This high intensity and effort in sessions was enough for him to see fast results. He was dropping body fat, gaining muscle and was feeling stronger and fitter.

Tom had tried other health and fitness plans in the past but they just didn’t seem to do anything to his body shape, he was amazed at how quickly he was seeing visual results.

Loving the quick progression he was seeing and feeling, he jumped on to the next available shoot.

On the 12-week shoot, the only difference is that we bumped up training sessions from 3 times a week, to 4 and then 5 times a week just before his shoot. We also taught Tom how to track calories and macronutrients, explaining the benefits of how quickly it can change a body shape.

That was it, he was told to be consistent and disciplined over the 12 weeks and the final results were brilliant.

He lost 14lbs and 2 inches from his waist. Which is a great effort considering he didn’t have a great deal to lose at the start.

With a focus on getting stronger & fitter in sessions he built solid muscle.

Whilst at the same time, letting his nutrition strip off the body fat.

Tom was left with a sturdier & leaner body shape that was fire service ready.

During the shoot, he actually passed his exams with flying colours and made it into the fire service.

Tom committed himself to getting into shape, aiming at being the fittest and strongest he could, and he has noticed that it’s transferred to all other aspects of his life.

He now has the knowledge of how to train and eat correctly to not only change his body shape, but how it affects his performance in the gym whilst making him mentally more focused.

We were so proud of seeing Tom grow, improve and change to be a strong, leaner and fitter man. He proves that with just a bit of commitment, consistency and hard work, within a few months you can be a new person.

We asked Tom what would he say to anyone who was asking him about joining THQ….

“If you are wanting to improve your overall health and fitness, and get the body shape you have always wanted, then do it and do what you are told and it will work and you will see and feel the benefit in just 12 weeks!”

Has Tom fired that inspiration in to you to get the fittest, strongest and leanest you’ve ever been?…..Pop in a find out more request below.

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