THQ Success Story

Tom Dropped 2 Stone & Lost The Beer Belly.

Tom wasn’t happy with his body shape.

His weight was always going north, and this left him feeling tired, drained and a little down in the dumps.

He knew he shouldn’t be like this and that he could look & feel better.

Tom was getting married soon and this light a fire underneath him to make a change.

Getting help was going to be his best bet to ensure he saw results, and he had heard a few good things about THQ.

He popped in an enquiry to find out more and he came down for a no-commitment consultation.

Tom had reservations about coming in.

He believed he needed to be fit & strong already, a little concerned that sessions would be too challenging for him.

Which meant he wouldn’t see results or progress at all.

After sitting down with the head coach, he understood that there would be other “newbies” starting at the same time.

And that a trainer would be with them at all times in sessions to ensure he was being taught the correct form, what weights to use and be there for support and advice.

“I thoroughly enjoy the sessions, even if they are a little challenging, I always feel like everyone has a laugh, the trainers are super supportive and informative.”

Tom loved how simple it all was and that his diet wasn’t just chicken, broccoli and rice.

He was given a meal planner to install some structure into his diet. At THQ, we encourage 3 meals a day AND a snack.

Tom had cookbooks to go through to find tasty, exciting meals that didn’t make him feel like he was “on a diet”.

Alongside training 3 times a week for 45 minutes, Tom was feeling better.

He was losing pounds & inches, he felt stronger & fitter and he knew he wanted to keep going.

After his initial 6 Week Meltdown had finished, he enrolled on to monthly membership.

Which has the 12-week shoot included complementary.

He liked the idea of knuckling down for 12 weeks to see what was possible.

Tom still trained the same, but we slowly increased training sessions from 3 times a week to 4, then 5 just before his shoot.

He also still ate the same healthy yet tasty meals, but now tracked them in an app for extra accountability.

And he got to work…the results were superb.

He lost 2 stones in total and a lot of inches.

The effect this had on his midsection was jaw-dropping – it vanished!

And the bonus was that he was stronger, fitter and had the structure needed to maintain this new better shape.

Want your beer belly to turn more 6 pack abs…. rather than 6 packs of beer?

Enquire below and join the waiting list for in house places…

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